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Linda is not seeing my switches on my Pokey 56U Cards

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Hello Experts,


I was using for a ling time Linda 1.1 fullt statisfied and connected to 1 pokey 56 U card.
On this Pokey 56 U card my throttle was connected and my switches and rotary switches ( up to 32 ).

Today I connected a second pokey 56 U card to start with my overhead and after that all went wrong!


Linda does not work anymore.


Linda sees my Ace Yoke and my two pokeys but when I hit the switches linda does not see this happening?

Normally every button switch is showing in Linda but now nothing works anymore.

Also my Analoge axes ( for my throttle are not working anymore) .

Of course I checked my pokey cards, they are all working fine and there I can see the inputs and outputs, so something is going wrong at linda but what?


Can somebody please help me, I cannot fly now !!


Thanks in advance


Best Regards


Michel la Faille


PDMG B 737



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Hi Michell


I understand that you have had LINDA 1.10 working with your Pork 56U USB interface card. I had not heard about this card but quickly looking at their website I can see the advantages of using it.


Have you changed anything in your setup?  Have you updated LINDA to 2.5?


LINDA does not handle any of the axis such as your throttles.  I would first check that your FSUIPC is full up-to-date (currently 4.963).  Then use FSUIPC to check that your buttons and axis are being detected.  If not, the problem lies with your hardware to computer connections.


If FSUIPC is seeing your Pokey inputs, then they should be visible to LINDA.


Let me know how you get on.

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Hai Scotflieger( is that yoyr surname?),


I solved the problem, it has something to do with my pins on the porkey cards ( you have to assign them, and this was gone).

All other things are up to date by me.


Is it saven to use Linda 2.5?


Then I install that too, only one question : it says install in your main FSX folder, normally this was done in the module map of FSX , ist that changed?


best regards



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Hi Michel


I am pleased you nailed down your problem.  Apart from some problems reported by MCP1 owners, LINDA 2.5 is the formal release.  However, you may like to wait a few days as a further update is almost ready.


For the installation of LINDA 2.5, it goes into your \FSX\ folder as it includes a couple of sound files which need to be installed. For aircraft modules, they are normally dropped into the \FSX\Modules\ folder.

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