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Memory Problems with FSX

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I have some problems with the memory of fsx.

Every time I start the programm my whole pc slows down.


Here are some details about my computer:


AMD 5core with 16GB RAM, 64Bit Windows 7, 1GB grafic card, and enough diskspace....


When I look in the task manager I see, that fsx only uses 2 GB of RAM.


I think that there is any configuration problem within fsx.


Has anyone a idea??






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Have you encountered any out of memory errors? Like any application, FSX will only use the memory it needs to. It will not preallocate itself memory which then shows in the task manager. The 2GB usage you are seeing may just be a picture of how much FSX is using at that moment which is quite normal. As a test to this, if usage passed 2GB FSX would give an OOM error if there was some sort of configuration problem preventing it addressing more than 2GB of memory. 4GB is currently the absolute maximum it can address due to the 32-bit limitation.


I think a lot of slow downs on modern computers are more down to hard drive activity than RAM activity which you may want to investigate. A virus scanner, scheduled defrag or even spyware for example can very easily trigger high hard drive activity levels slowing things down. RAM slow downs due to starvation of space are rare because of the massive amounts computers have nowadays.


On Windows 7, If you go into your task manager, click the performance tab, click resource monitor and then disk. This will give you a picture of what your hard drive is doing and for what applications. Large amounts of activity whilst your system should be idling (for example at the desktop with no programs running) should be treated as suspicious.

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