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Brightness issue (p3d, ezca, monitor...?)

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after some more testing of visual settings i finally decided to keep HDR turned on in p3d v2.4.


Til some days ago i had it turned off, but had installed something called "Nvidia RGB Full Range Toggle"

which the author of suggested as an alternative for HDR or so.

Don't know if this could have something to do with the issue i will talk about now...


So now, with HDR turned on, like some of you i found the overall brightness a little too dark.

Then i was thinking, why not turn up the monitor brightness a little... and voila, i was really happy with the



But next time i entered the cockpit (A2A 182), the overall look of the landscape (VC pilot's view) was too dark again

while my monitor brightness was still turned up.

What i recognized then was, when i switch my ezca camera to the radio's view (mainly black background/panels...) and then back to pilot's view,

everything is brightend up again like i want it to be.


I mean it's not a big problem to quickly toggle views before starting the flight (simply because it's normal to tune radios before flying...),

but sure it would be nicer to enter the cockpit with the brightness already set.



So has anybody experienced similar issues or do you have a clue what is affecting what in my setup?

Is it a monitor problem? Ezca? The probably still installed Nvidia Toggle?



I'm at my parents home over Christmas so i won't be able to try this or that at the moment.


Maybe it's not a hardware problem but if you need to know, Monitor is a Hyundai 24", GFX 580GTX Twin Frozer, Processor 2700K@4,5, h100i Cooler.

Everything normally works smooth and 100% stable.



Thanks you and have a nice Christmas time!









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