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Saitek X52 Pro, Aerosoft Airbus and Reverse Thrust Delays

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Hello Everyone!

I recently started using the Aerosoft Airbus V1.21 and love it except one MAJOR issue.


Reverse Thrust is SEVERELY DELAYED (Flying the A320 IAE or the A319 IAE, have yet to test the CFM variant). On touch down I wont be able to deploy reverse thrust until nearly 60kts or less.


I have tried searching the forums and google for an answer and I found only one link, but it doesn't take me to the link/ post on here that discusses it.



I am using a Saitek X52 pro, which I have calibrated and functions properly with the ABX, reverse thrust even works if I am at taxi or idle, but even at taxi it is a good 5+ second delay, on landing its 5x worse


 If someone has a link to this issue and its discussion or remedy I would HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT!



I do not use a Saitek function for reverse thrust. I always just bring my throttle quadrant to idle, and then hold down F2 on the keyboard when landing...




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