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Maintenance on the NOAA GRIB Server

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Maintenance on the NOAA GRIB Server ...

The current maintenance on the NOAA GRIB server means the most recent GRIB data cycle is still 0600 Zulu on the 14th January.

To all this most recent data cycle to be downloaded we have extended the GRIB download to check back and download the most recent data cycle up to 7 days old.

This update has been posted as Betas for both OpusFSX and OpusFSI. Users should download and install the latest OpusFSX Beta Version 3.52.1 or OpusFSI Beta Version 4.43.6. The OpusFSI Beta Version 4.43.6 has been re-posted today to extend the look back period to 7 days.

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It appears the NOAA 'Query' GRIB server is still undergoing maintenance even though the last data cycle has been amended with the 'missing' forecast data now included. However, the last posted data cycle that can be accessed is still 0600 Zulu on the 14th January.

To overcome this and future maintenance periods I have modified the OpusFSI FSISERVER program and changed the GRIB data extraction procedures to handle both general (full) GRIB2 files, specific files, and also incomplete forecast data files. I am also testing the following upgrade ...

The FSISERVER program will now accept a FULLGRIB command line argument. When used it will force the Live Weather Engine (LWE) to download the full GRIB data cycle data from the appropriate NOAA server and extract all relevant forecast data from the downloaded file. The full GRIB data file is typically three times the size of the file used in selective update requests but is available via a different NOAA server so can be used at times when the Usual server is undergoing maintenance.

I will try and post a new OpusFSI Beta Version 4.43.7 very soon allowing people to use the FULLGRIB program argument and access the full GRIB file from the alternate serviceable server.

You can add the program arguments in any order, for example you can run the FSISERVER.EXE program as follows,




We are also considering in the next release version to automatically download the FULL GRIB data file at times when no GRIB file is available for the previous 24 or 48 hours via the normal 'query' server.

Any thoughts ?


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