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help needed - graphic bugs

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Since last week, I have a serious Problem with my FSX.





It started all with many holes in the scenery, like here and there the ground was transparent. I doesnt look like textures are missing, it must be another

problem. Those holes disappear after some time and reappear somewhere else.

Second, as soon as I change views, everything is only black and White and flickers or totally black. Sometimes it is a total mess of all views, with the

Cockpit at the top, the sky below and Terrain everywhere...

I couldnt figure out any reasons for it, it happens always, not depending on which aircraft I am using or where i fly.

The Problem also has a massive impact on FPS, its impossible to use FSX now.

I would be really happy if anyone could help or has any ideas!


Thanks in advance, D-AIMA

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