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Strangest thing happened.. need help

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I recently moved, and in the process, I did nothing else but unplug all my peripherals (yoke, goflight stuff, pedals, monitors, etc.), transport them to my new place and plug them all back in.

However, some gremlins must have intervened, because now nothing seems to work. Can't for the life of me figure it out.

Yoke and rudder and throttle quadrants work fine, but GoFLight stuff stopped interacting (I can program them with FSUIPC, but GoFlight data bridge doesnt seem to connect) and even some USB keypads using HIDMacros for AP and GPS control no longer tell P3D what to do.

I haven't yet put in Internet, but I dont think that has a bearing.

The GoFLight config program shows everything plugged in.

All folders still shared, etc. As I said, nothing has changed, yet everything changed. Almost ot the point of giving up simming.


Does anyone have a clue as to what might have happened?

I thought perhaps it was a USB hub problem, but, as I said, the computer shows everything normal and plugged in.


Thanks in advance for any help (this will probably get bumped to hardware, where few will see it).





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