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AP Glideslope

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Hi, I just bought the Carenado Malibu and it is an incredible piece of work. Never flew one so can't say anything about the FD except keep the power on all the way down or she will drop like a rock. 


I have 2 questions/issues

1.  The AP system is the S-Tec 55x which through me for a loop with the proper operation. I did not know the FD/AP was a 2 position switch. Anyway things went much better after that.The GS though is not very accurate as it will not follow until a couple miles before the OM. I was just curious if this is an inherent issue with XP, and not the implementation of the AP for this plane. 


2. After disconnecting the AP 100 feet or so above the threshold, and doing a touch and go the AP seems to be wanting to climb for some reason. I thought it was the S-Tek so I set the ALT to zero, but that did not solve it. I cannot bring down the nose. Then I thought maybe the Trim got messed up, but not the case. I had to push the yoke all the way forward to keep it level. As soon as I bring the yoke to center it climbs again radically. 


AP was OFF, and the S-TEC 55x screen was blank showing nothing selected, so not sure the cause. I will try it again without the Saitek Panels Plugin. Maybe a problem with that for some reason. 






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