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S-Tec 55x - Carenado Malibu - Glideslope and Localizer

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Hi, I had posted another subject about issues with capturing glideslope but have experimented some and this is what I found


It seems that if I use the Flight Director to position myself 10-15 degrees under the GS, and then engage AP, it captures, if not it is somewhat erratic. Also it seems that anything greater than a 40 degree offset from the Localizer when engaging the AP is also an issue, even at a slow approach speed of 100 kts.  Anyway, I am not sure if this is true to the S-Tec itself or a limitation of the implementation by Carenado.


There is a few articles out there but it is difficult to determine what is and is not implemented by Carendao vs the real S-tec.


IF anyone has any info on this I would sure like to know.




Officially retired


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