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Joystick Keeps Failing, Getting Frustrated

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Okay, wondering if you lot could help me here, seein' as how I'm at the end of the rope.  I've tried just about every suggestion there is, short of going back to Windows 7, which is not an option for me.  Heres the long and the short of it.  When I start up FSX my joystick runs fine, as soon as I try to load into anything of detail I.E. the A3xx Series by Aerosoft, or the PMDG 737 after about around 2 minutes my joystick stops connecting to FSX...Mind you, it's still lit up and functioning via the control panel that Saitek provides, but it just won't work in FSX.  I never had this issue when I used my xbox controller for flight.  Weird thing is, when I go into my FSUIPC.ini the line 

0=Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino Stick
1=Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino Throttle
is present for now, but if after I load into the NGX, and close out of flightsim, the ini deletes that line all together.
I'm running Windows 8.1, and the X-55 Rhino. I've tried turning off the option that shuts USB ports off in favor of power saving, and I've installed the latest drivers.  Anybody got any suggestions?  Little side note before I forget, my joystick works fine in X-Plane 10.  I hope someone has an answer here, because I know I didn't just spend 200 on a new joystick just to have it not work in my main flightsim.

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Oddly enough, just did around an hour flight in the Aerosoft Airbus and it went fine, now nothing.  Sitting at the gate for two minutes in the NGX, after two minutes and putting the irs to align, nothing.  FSUIPC still picks up the fact that I have a throttle.  But no joystick.

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