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Stolen Work- Spencer Lever

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I don't intend to cyber-ly bully anyone, but I need to write this. I was just informed that this kid, Spencer Lever, who has been stealing not just mine but others work... had uploaded my Hornet cockpit to, which is sort of like Turbosquid where people can buy your models. 

This dude has been pretty brazen in his fascination with my model and converting it for sale or use in DCS (as DCS: F18C), or to be used with online stunt teams and the like. What's more annoying is that he had asked me quite a while to go to help him learn 3D modeling, as all he knew how to do at the time was modify existing models.


With that knowledge and knowing that he has a penchant for taking other peoples' material, I did a quick search with his name and the website to see what else he might have "borrowed' from others. If anyone recognizes these models or happens to know the authors, PLEASE let me know so I can get them removed from the site!


My work:

Uploaded by Spencer Lever at 24 May 2014 into Aircraft - Other 3D Models.


Hawker Hunter

Uploaded by Spencer Lever at 9 April 2013 into Aircraft - Airplanes - Jet Fighters 3D Models.


.44 Magnum Silenced Gun

Uploaded by Spencer Lever at 9 April 2013 into Weapons - Pistols 3D Models.


He apparently took this guys money to do a mod for DCS, Jim Blim. He apparently tried to sell his work as well:


I know he's also stolen a Hawk model, but I can't find any evidence of that anymore (was on his Facebook page).


Anywho, there's not a whole lot that can be done to stop him. But I will spread the word to ensure other modelers or potential "customers" don't get burned by him. Also, if you're a modeler, try as best you can to keep tabs on your work (nearly impossible, to be sure). An awesome kid on Facebook informed me of this particular event. 


Jamal Ingram

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