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Struggling with FSX Autopilots Knob Acceleration Bug

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*EDIT* Of course now that I post here, I found the solution. Apparently my throttle quadrant the throttle and propeller levers were in the "bottom" detent (where it shows up as a button press) so even though one of those was not mapped to anything, SOMEHOW this caused FSX to create the 10-degree increments and the 1000' increments. I moved the propeller lever up to the 0 detent and everything works fine. Sorry for the post below, but hopefully others can benefit from my sillyness. So if you have any controllers, check in calibration to make sure that no buttons are being pressed and are remaining on, like in my situation. *EDIT*



Hello all,

I have had my current PC and FSX on it for about 4 - 6 years now. Since I got this new PC, FSX had been running very smoothly and without hardly any problems.

However, I have finally hit one that is preventing me from flying: the heading acceleration bug. Apparently many FSX aircraft are coded so that many knobs will start off changing at increments of one, and then, if you use the mouse wheel for a certain amount of time, the increments will change to larger ones, such as the common 10 increment. This is to decrease the amount of time it takes to dial in a heading that might be 120 degrees difference from your current heading. This acceleration feature is present in many knobs, such as altitude, heading, course selectors, etc. 

My problem is this: multiple aircraft, both payware and default, are having the knobs "stick" in the increments of 10. So, I cannot dial in a course of 315, for example, but only 310 or 320. Everything is stuck in increments of 10, and this has completely rendered my ability to fly impossible (at least with the autopilot). 

Some research has found that this is often related to high CPU loads or not enough RAM, however I do not think that this is the issue: FSX often runs my CPU at very close to 100% when added with my weather programs, ACARS, etc. However, FSX has successfully ran like this for years now without problems, and multiple computer sources have said that due to FSX's poor optimization of modern hardware, it is not odd to see the program running the CPU that high. So, I do not think the problem is the CPU load, as it has done fine like that for almost 5 years minimum and has had absolutely no problems. 

RAM should also not be a problem, as I have 12GB installed and the most I have ever seen my PC use is from 3.8 - 5.0 GB, so I don't think that it could be my PC has too little RAM. 

This is where the problem proceeds to get confusing for me:

I uninstalled FSX in hopes that it was some sort of bug, and then slowly re-installed only a few essential addons: Milviz 737-200c for flying, REX, EZDOK, GSX, TrafficX, and the interesting part is the fact that I still did not experience any problems initially after installing any of these addons. I thought I had fixed it, however today I fire up the sim and suddenly the issue has returned. I believe the last thing I installed was TrafficX, but as I said I had used it on one or two flights successfully without the problem appearing. Only today did it appear.

So, I am not sure if it is a hardware problem (although I doubt it is since it has ran fine for quite a while before), or a software problem (if I can't get a surefire answer here I'm going to start uninstalling things backwards again), or if I'm just having purely bad luck (I hope not! D:)

Also, the mention of FSUIPC4's acceleration bug fix is already known to me.... I just don't have the money to purchase FSUIPC4 currently and I know that many others don't have this problem and don't have to use FSUIPC4 either.

Thanks again for any and all who chime in with advice, tips, help, comments, thoughts/ideas, etc. and please don't bash me if I missed something obvious, I may be a veteran simmer but that doesn't mean I have common sense when it comes to all this tech stuff  :lol: 

*Sorry for the long-winded post!*



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