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Using FSX Scenery in FSX:SE -- SOLVED!

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I have been using FSX ("box" edition) for a few years now. I've added FS Global 2010 mesh (19 GB), SceneryTech landclass (60 MB), FTX Global textures and FTX Global Vector vectors (13 GB), as well as a few add-on airports (a few I made myself, a few freeware offerrings, and Aerosoft's Approaching Innsbruck and US Cities X - San Francisco; 1.6 GB).


I have recently installed FTX Steam Edition (62608), primarily because of the reported performance increases. I have a "modest" system (Dell Precision M4400 laptop; Intel Core2Duo @ 3.06 GHz and nVidea Quadro FX 770M). I have my framerate limited to 30fps, and get pretty decent performance. San Francisco, New York City and London will slow me down to 10-15fps, but otherwise I'm reasonably satisfied. Orbx sure makes things look good!


I currently have a dual-install, because I'm unwilling to delete FSX until I know I'm happy with FSX:SE. I was also really hoping to avoid the 2-3 day reinstall routine.


Since I already have all this scenery installed, can't I just use the FSX:SE Scenery Library to add it manually, pointing it to the current location on my hard drive? Actually, I can already answer this: NO! Although the installation seems to go fine (I navigate to the folder containing the "scenery" folder, add it, and it shows up in the scenery library), when I click "ok", I get a series of errors. They all say some variation of "SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (..\..\..\..\..\AFSX\Addon Scenery\US Airports\SCENERY) in scenery Area.124 not found. Click OK to continue." (Note that AFSX is the name of my FSX directory, which is directly in the root C: folder, and Addon Scenery\US Airports is the folder containing my custom scenery.)


I've looked at the FSX:SE scenery.cfg file, and everything looks fine to me. These files work find in FSX. So I'm a bit flummoxed.


I can understand that perhaps the "big boys" like FTX or Aerosoft perhaps add some registry entries or something that I'm not aware of. But I can't even use the custom scenery I created myself! I installed it exactly the way I did in FSX, but in FSX:SE, it doesn't work. The scenery directory should certainly be found, because I used FSX:SE to navigate there in the first place when I added it!


I should add that I have installed the 3 legacy SimConnect routines, if that matters at all. I should also add that I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit. So, I have to do the goofy "right-click" trick to install scenery libraries. But it appears to work just fine....


Am I going to have to bit the big bullet, completely remove FSX and FSX:SE and start all over? Yuk!

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Hooray for AVSIM! I found the right combination of words to search for, and I found a message not too different than mine. The solution is that you must manually edit the SCENERY.CFG file, removing the "..\...\..\..\.." (five "ups" in my case) and replaceing them with C: (or whatever drive you have FSX installed on.


So, I replaced "..\..\..\..\..\AFSX\Addon Scenery\WGL Airports with "C:\AFSX\Addon Scenery\WGL Airports", and now my scenery shows up. I have only one copy installed, but it works in both FSX and FSX:SE -- just like I wanted it to!


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