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p3d 2.5 black screen causing frustration

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Im experiencing the black screen issues, different from the ones I have researched on here that have been reported and solved previously. Bit of background, I have done lots of research before Ive posted this on the issue, as you can see from my number of posts, I dont post about every slight problem I come across however, this one I need help or advice with.


My system is very new, built by a professional company, and is well above average spec. I had it built for the purpose of P3D, however, do not have this black screen problem i will describe shortly in other applications or Battlefield Hardline (on a separate harddrive). Below is a summary of my spec.


Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz (Devil’s Canyon) Socket LGA1150 Processor

Asus Maximus VII Hero Intel Z97 (Socket 1150) DDR3 ATX Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133MHz


Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache – THE HDD BATTLEFIELD IS ON PLUS STORAGE

Asus GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU II OC Strix 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card


NO OVERCLOCKING DONE or anything to make my system run unstable. All clock cores, temperatures of CPU/GPU are monitored by MSI afterburner and there shows no abnormalities during running P3d.


Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit – all updates installed, latest versions.


Drivers: originally 347.52, then 347.25 then 347.88 all with this problem occurring. Installed correctly and all previous drivers removed as recommended. Last night even tried 345.45 off the top of my head, anyhow a driver from last year and problem still occurred.


Monitor: Asus VN279QLB 27″ Widescreen Super-Slim Bezel LED Monitor


Clean install of P3d v2.5, no additional patches needed as when I purchased it is was the most current.


I didn’t have P3D when I had my old monitor which I now have got rid of, so P3d has only been installed since having this ASUS monitor.


I am getting Black screen, with various stock aircraft, however, only at night. Also, when I pan around, after panning past about 90 degrees, again, the picture turns black and then comes back on when I pan back to facing forward. Also, various internal views cause this black screen to occur and also randomly sometimes during flight all of a sudden. The sound is still running, the sim does not freeze, just the screen graduates to black and then comes back when changing view or, coming out of windowed screen.


This only seems to be happening in Full Screen Mode, and mainly happens when I hold Alt to get rid of the menus. That is when the black screen occurs. When I press Alt again to access the menus, the picture returns to normal.


Regarding experimenting with settings, I have tried with both with HDR on and off, teselation on and off, black out desktop, mipmap virtual cockpit etc and nothing seems to be curing this problem.


I feel this could be a direct x 11 problem in which i dont know how to switch between dx versions in p3d to assess. My technical knowledge lacks in this area. My gpu is fully dx11 supported.


Any help most appreciated as I am not installing all my add ons until this issue is sorted due to process of elimination to find the problem etc


Kind Regards

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Hi pianopilot,


I'm sorry to read about the black screen problem that you are having. You've seem to have done a lot of good research already to narrow down and eliminate some possibilites of where the problem lies.


Regarding your inquiry if DX11 is the problem, you can try this link to a support page on Microsoft's site for Manually reinstalling DX11.1 on Windows 7 machines.


It does look like a graphics problem that could be the installed DX11 library or a the nVidia driver, which you already tested.

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Hi Niyoko


Thank you for your reply. I shall head over to the link and see if my dx11 needs repairing then. Following on from your suggestion, do you think a w7 repair could do justice? My maxhine is most likely the cleanest it will ever be so i was hoping its a p3d issue but still waiting a reply over on their forums. I may just have to put up with windowed mode although i hate it ha


I recently enabled windows 7 aero theme to enable vsync to work and it has solved the terrible screen tearing issue i had. When i return home this evening, ive got 2 things there i can do to eliminate.


Thanks for your suggestion much appreciated!

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Just an update to further testing:


Changed driver to 347.52, apparently a stable driver for fsx/p3d

Checked all my direct x is the latest including all windows updates, important and optional installed 

Checked with various stock aircraft

Checked with windows 7 basic theme on the desktop 

I have tried a different HDMI cable

I have also tried VGA cable 

Tried experimenting with Aspect Ratio/Full screen - Scaling in Nvidia Control pannel changing it to full screen 

Also changing Physix to process through my GPU instead of auto setting 


No success with any of the above. 


I am going to do a re install of windows 7 and a re-download of P3D 2.5 to totally eliminate if the problem is with my setup or the application itself. 



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I have a fresh new installation of Windows 7 Sp1.


Nothing else installed apart from all the windows updates, and only essential drivers, chipset, audio, ethernet. No antivirus programme, just P3D 2.5


2 Drivers selected from Nvidia, 347.88 - one of the latest

                                                  344.11 - one of the earliest GTX970 supported drivers


Fresh new download (full package version as reccommended by LM) 


Installed, with no settings whatsoever changed and exactly the same results. The summary is: 


Windowed mode: Day & Night = Fine no issues with panning or changing views


Non-Windowed 'Full screen' blackout to desktop option ticked' =


Day = Fine no issues

Night = Image slowly fades to black screen when panning in all directions (as though ive gone beyond my screens range). Also screen goes black (sound still running) when changing to certain views.


Non-Windowed 'Full screen' blackout to desktop' option unticked =

Day - Fine no issues

Night = With just the taskbar running across the bottom of the screen, Fine, no blackouts when panning beyoned about 90 degrees, or changing views HOWEVER


When click on taskbar to auto-hide, and taskbar dissapears, black screen issue comes back again panning beyond a certain point and when selecting certain views.


Also experimented with DPI setting on windows display as read somewhere it could be that, no joy. Also changed different resolutions, 1024x768 on the desktop and in P3D, still no joy. I am not getting any crashes like the majority of other 'black screen issues' tend to be revealing. It is something simple that is restricting my monitor from displaying the image when it going beyond a certain viewpoint. 


I am here with a fresh clean system, all direct x 11 up to date, nothing to interfere, I would just like to know if this issue lies with my system or P3d 2.5 which is the latest version.


Any help or suggestions kindly appreciated! 

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