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Hi all--


I bought the MU-2 just after its release.   It's a work of art, inside and out.


I've had no problems starting the engines and getting all of the systems up and running.   


I've only had one (big) issue with it so far; I can't for the life of me find the correct power settings for

taxiing the bird.     I've watched the engine start training video several times to ensure that there was

not some step I missed, or some setting that I have wrong, but cannot figure it out.


Every time I've fired it up and have tried to get it moving, it has taken a minimum of 40% torque to

get it in motion.     That in and of itself would not seem a problem, but once the plane starts moving

it accelerates at an alarming rate; within seconds it's moving at 25 knots and would likely exceed

40-50 knots or more if not for the fact that I've stood on the brakes. :huh:    I've ensured that the

condition levers are set at taxi, and no more.


Numerous attempts have yielded the same result.   Throttling back from 40% torque, even a bit,

causes the plane to decelerate, and then stop; even with 35% torque it's as if it is glued to the

pavement; it won't budge.   There's a perhaps 2-3% window of power between it hurtling forward

and not having sufficient power to continue in motion.      I've had some luck with carefully

tweaking the power between 35-40%, causing the plane to burst forward, and then slow to a crawl

as I throttle back.   As it eases to a stop an even slight increase in the power, to about 38-40% causes 

the abrupt, whiplash inducing acceleration, that I have to arrest by reducing power immediately or standing

on the brakes again.    As you can imagine, it's all but impossible to turn without running off

pavement or scraping a wing tank when trying to taxi that way. :angry:


I noted from Joe's training videos that he's achieved very reasonable taxi speed with barely more than

15-20% torque.    I thought that it might be that my plane was overloaded, but its gross weight is just

over 10,000 pounds.


There has to be something I'm missing; can anyone offer a suggestion?

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