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Cheyenne X on P3D2

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Hello guys,


I own the Cheyenne since quite a long time and decided to move to P3D which corresponds more to my requirements.

However I encounter a very serious issue when I migrated the Cheyenne on P3D (basically ran a new install with a fsx.exe file in the P3D folder so the Cheyenne installer can proceed).


A picture is worth a thousand words, so..




Quite a problem, isn't it ?

Also, the GPU is constantly here in external view.


If anyone successfully used t he Cheyenne X in P3D, or have an idea to solve this, let me know..




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The problem is that all of the gauges are missing (obvious I know!).  


It looks like the problem may be that the gauges have failed to install into P3D's DLL.XML file, or Prepar3D.cfg file.


Browse to your AppData folder and see if there is a an 'FSX' folder in there, that contains a DLL.XML file. (This may have been placed there by the Cheyenne's installer, as it thinks you have FSX).

f there is, open it with Notepad and copy all of the relevent gauge entries for the Cheyenne, then paste them into the DLL.XML in your Prepar3D AppData folder.     Then, when you launch P3D, it should ask for permission to run them, and after you click 'Yes', the permissions will be logged in the [trusted] section of your Prepar3D.cfg file, and you're good to go.

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The problem is that all of the gauges are missing (obvious I know!).  



Thanks for the spot on diagnostic   :BigGrin:
Now that you say it I recall having a similar issue a few years ago, got fixed the same way.
But, because I am a wise man, I wiped everything from FSX a couple of days ago... no need for congratulations lol.
I will install back a vanilla FSX and perform the install process again - thanks a lot for your precious help. I will let you know if this worked.

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After reinstalling my FSX back, I applied your instructions - the Cheyenne works like a charm now. Really a good addon which I recommend if you are into the light twin-turboprop, and has -to me- little to envy to other addons such as Turbine Duke.

Doesn't look outdated despite its age and systems work well.






By the way, do the migration tool work well ? Would have they prevented me this issue ?
Thanks a lot for your help again, Craig. Appreciated.

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