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  1. F4UCorsair

    Cheyenne X on P3D2

    After reinstalling my FSX back, I applied your instructions - the Cheyenne works like a charm now. Really a good addon which I recommend if you are into the light twin-turboprop, and has -to me- little to envy to other addons such as Turbine Duke. Doesn't look outdated despite its age and systems work well. By the way, do the migration tool work well ? Would have they prevented me this issue ? Thanks a lot for your help again, Craig. Appreciated. Cheers
  2. F4UCorsair

    Cheyenne X on P3D2

    Thanks for the spot on diagnostic Now that you say it I recall having a similar issue a few years ago, got fixed the same way. But, because I am a wise man, I wiped everything from FSX a couple of days ago... no need for congratulations lol. I will install back a vanilla FSX and perform the install process again - thanks a lot for your precious help. I will let you know if this worked.
  3. F4UCorsair

    Cheyenne X on P3D2

    Hello guys, I own the Cheyenne since quite a long time and decided to move to P3D which corresponds more to my requirements. However I encounter a very serious issue when I migrated the Cheyenne on P3D (basically ran a new install with a fsx.exe file in the P3D folder so the Cheyenne installer can proceed). A picture is worth a thousand words, so.. Quite a problem, isn't it ? Also, the GPU is constantly here in external view. If anyone successfully used t he Cheyenne X in P3D, or have an idea to solve this, let me know.. Thanks, Corsair
  4. F4UCorsair

    After the MU-2?

    Cheyenne, Cheyenne ! I have been hoping so long for a PA-42, be it on FSX/P3D or X-P. I hope you guys will seriously consider it. Corsair
  5. F4UCorsair

    Blurry textures - little VRAM usage (GTX580)

    Sure (open the spoiler to see the .cfg, it's pretty large) Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated
  6. F4UCorsair

    Blurry textures - little VRAM usage (GTX580)

    Well, I'm pretty much at the same state. Tried a few tweaks, but no great result. I even get blurries at 3/400kts which did not happen before.. I'll try to reset my fsx.cfg and see how it does. Can it be a system issue? Maybe my HDD struggling (it's a good 7200rpm disk however - I even defrag it regularly). Graphics card issue maybe? I really don't know... :(
  7. F4UCorsair

    Blurry textures - little VRAM usage (GTX580)

    Yup, I guess I'll get used to it.. About the framerate, I locked them @30 in nVidia Inspector. i5 2500k - GTX580 DC2 (ASUS) - 2x4GB PC12800 Vengeance RAM - W7 Home x64. My CPU is running @4.2GHz.
  8. F4UCorsair

    Finally! DC-8 For FSX!

    Hello, Is the shared cockpit feature available with the DC-8?
  9. F4UCorsair

    Blurry textures - little VRAM usage (GTX580)

    I managed to get sharper texture with FFTF=0.8 (they still get blurry at high speed, but I guess that's normal ?). However, I get more sutters now.... :angry: Man, FSX is a mess to tweak. It's impressive that decent modern hardware can't even run it.
  10. F4UCorsair

    Blurry textures - little VRAM usage (GTX580)

    Yes, they do. I applied the BP = 0 tweak without any result. I'm also using the AffinityMask tweak, with no significant result. I'll give a try with a higher FFTF value. I also heard about TextureMaxLoad and Texture_Bandwith_Mult tweaks. What are their jobs, and what should be their value? Thanks again
  11. Hi all, First of all, check my specs on the left While I managed to get a correctly-running FSX (30fps constant, few stutters etc..) I still have a big issue with blurry textures. Here is a very good example (low alt nav, speed around 350/400kts) I also noticed that FSX barely uses any video memory (500MB out of 1536MB max). Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks a lot. Corsair