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A little friday fun.

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Two guy's dressed as taxicab drivers went to Heathrow to have a little fun. They asked information to read the names on the pieces of paper they had with them...they pretended that they where waiting for them and they didn't show up. Here's the link for the sound files, just click on the little radio on the right:'ve throw in another link where you can here prank calls taken from radio shows. Some of these are priceless...I especially like the one about the plumber looking for a job. I know it's in Danish but it's pretty straight forward, just click the small radio icon on the right and you can go to the next page by clicking on the numbers 1-8. fun...some of these are hilarious. :D

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Last night I was listening to a talk show, and they had on a "retired" computer hacker--I thought it was Kevin Mitnick, but I'm not certain. Whoever he was, among his exploits he managed to hack into and divert Directory Assistance calls, so when someone dialed 411, he took the calls. He'd then answer in as best a "directory assistance" voice as he could, but then he'd ask the caller if they had the yellow pages, or white pages, depending on the nature of the call. If the caller answered yes, he'd reply "What the heck you doing calling directory assistance then?" Poor callers.I used to use pranks as part of my teaching in the hotel and airline industry. Many of my users were scared to death of computer systems, and I taught at a time when computers were new to a lot of industry. Some of the most challenged students worked the PBX systems. But nine times out of ten, it wasn't the computer that caused them problems--it was the computer causing them to forget their hard won people skills. My goal was to get them to concentrate on the substance of what they were doing, rather than how they were doing it. So I always put the pbx operators near the phone in my training rooms. During training, I'd excuse myself while giving the class some odd drill. I'd then go to another phone, and I'd put on my best Italian accent (although I'm several generations removed from my family there)Me: "ello...need rrrrooom otel"Operator: Uh what--this is class!Me: "need rrrrroom otel" Me sposa--Bernini.Always I had someone working on the "inside", who'd tell the pbx operator they were swamped and that they were diverting calls to the training room. My stooge would assure the operator that the call was legit, and that the info was in the system.Nine times out of ten, the operator would become inspired and slowly do the right thing to find the bogus Bernini guest I'd plant in their training system prior to my call.And I used to pull pranks on my business partners. I always arrived first to train and plan the installation, and a partner would fly out to assist on the day of installation. One night, an assigned partner shows up at the desk and says "I'm here to help install your new computer system". At that point, the owner of the hotel (with me in the background) walks out and says: "I'm sorry--we switched places with our sister property in XXXX (where XXXX is two hours' distant from where my poor partner was standing). Of course, my poor partner, having flown all night, would nearly faint at the thought of having another two hour drive.They may have been pranks, but they were also great ice-breakers. Our clients got to see that we never took ourselves too seriously, and my partners--who knew I was strict on attention to detail--also knew I was someone they could joke around with. I logged well over a million miles in that decade, which ran roughly from '90 to '00. It's the main reason I haunt these forums today.. -John

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