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Installation issue

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Hi Folks,


Need some assistance please, I cannot find a solution to this.


I am trying to install p3d I have tried downloading twice in case of corrupt files. This installation is going on a fresh clean Win10 pc nothing else on it however evertime I try to install i get this error.



Error 1311. Source file not found(cabinet): C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_Prepar3D_v2_Professional_2.5.12946.0.zip\Prepar3D_v2_Professional_2.5.12946.0\data1.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.
=== Logging stopped: 21/08/2015  09:50:26 ===


I can get to the Temp file no issue via Local etc...

Has anyone else seen this issue


Many Thanks



No Worries folks,


Got it to install the setup .exe and this terrible Windows Edge do not like each other! it keeps saying not responding then the pc froze then p3d installed!!!!



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Looks like I got me a bottleneck this seems to apply to all sims but now I only have p3d


So default settings and aircraft take off smooth as you like then five or six seconds later judder. Judder judder then smooth as you like then the same happens again.


So not sure where to look i72600 OC to 4.5 ram 16 go 970 4gb card..all ok temps good..but this seems a case of a bottleneck any tips on where to have a look...


Tried turning off AV no difference....so now a bit baffled!


All the best



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Has to be an active polling process - check the Task Manager for a process that is using 1-2% every few seconds. Might be as simple as that.

If not that, have you looked at sound and video card drivers ? 

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thanks I think I nailed it down to the Vsynch setting nice and smooth at 60 but that is with the defaut aircraft, throw something like the AS Airbus in and the FPS plummet as does my smooth flight.


Have tried to lock the Nvidia CP at Adaptive half rate but P3 does not play ball and ignores as I have tried unlimited hoping to see it lock at 30 but alas no...


Not sue if NInspector works yet with P3..


Back to fiddling



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