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Missing effects - P3D V3

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Hi people, i´d like to know if you can help me.
Since yesterday, i found that almost all my effects within P3Dv3 are missing. Let me elaborate this: the effects folder is in it´s place and the .fx files (And respectives textures) are in the correct place. The files structure is correct. What i miss is inside P3d, flying: there is no more touchdown smoke, engines smoke, some lights, etc. What is most intriguing is that some effects still show as rain, wet spray and wash but the most part is missing. There is no black or white boxes that indicate missing effects, they just don´t show up and that´s it. The lights are acting strange too, they are smaller or complete gone in some cases, like the landing lights not iluminating the ground anymore.

I have preciptfx installed but the problem started way after i installed it, so i don´t think it´s the source of the issue. I have only ftx global, TreesHD and OrbxLibs installed. No other scenery as i´m waiting for new installers from all the deveopers. I have some payware planes installed like ngx, 777, CS727 and A2A planes and just that.

I can´t remember any modification i did that can trigger this as just before i noticed the absense of the effects. It´s just happened and i don´t have a clue for what´s happening :-[

What i tested and verified by far:
- Effects parameters are maxed out in the config
- Deleted the shaders folder and let p3d create a new one
- Tried the preciptfx backup
- Tried some effects from FSX-SE (Just for testing purposes)
- Disabled SLI for testing
- Tried with default planes and addon planes with the same results
- It appears to be a global effect issue as it affects more than one effect .fx. I think dealing with it will restore ALL the effects back.

Let me be clear, i don´t think it´s a p3dv3 fault, maybe something changed without my knowledge in here. I´m just seeking for help in the comunity.

Any suggestions? Is there something i can do in the effects.cfg file?
Thanks in advance.

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Well, i managed to get my effects (all of them) back, but i have to delete the shaders folder everytime i run P3Dv3 huh.png

Any clues of what might be? That´s not the best solution.


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