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FSFX Immersion 777

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I have had the immersion folks trouble shoot their effects not working on P3D.  They found no problems with their software and could not get it to work on my system.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled P3D and am still having issues getting the effects to work.   I have not found any solutions on the P3D support forums.   I have uninstalled an reinstalled the immersion software several times.


Not sure what the issue is.  If anyone has had these issues and got them to work again, I would love to know how.



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Which effects are you missing or what kind of problems do you have?


In case you own precipiFX AND the A777 immersion pack you have to install the immersion after the precipitFX (and same procedure on every update).


Please check your Installation in 2 steps.

First: You will find the effect files in the p3d\effects folder. They should named like fsfx_PFX_L_SnowEngineWash.fx (PrecipitFX) and the Immersion pack files like fsfx_777_wheels_touchdown.fx and others are more cryptical like fsfx_777_UUJLZDRMajIxVkphOTVySkydNlh.....fx.

Second: Check your aircraft.cfg (p3d\SimObjects\Airplanes). In case you own precipitFX every aircraft.cfg-file in every non-777-folder should have a section [effects] like:



wheelSnowSpray=fsfx_PFX_S_wheelSnowSpray //FSFX_PFX_Effect





and only the 777-aircraft.cfg files like:



touchdown=fsfx_777_wheels_touchdown, 1 //FSFX ...




and furthermore in the section smokesystem some entries reffered to the cryptical named files :




smoke.xx=     -016.94,  -019.04,  -008.29,  fsfx_777_UUJLZDR...   //FSFX ...




In case you own both products the sequence of installation is important. Immersion-pack after precipitFX. It worked if the PFX-entries in your 777-aircraft.cfg-files are deactivated by leading double slashes "//".


Simple to check.




We are also in the dark about, how you checked the effects working in P3D?


The easiest way is to check the volumetric lighting during "fogged in" weather conditions. In every outside view you will see typical halos around the taxi-, landing-, beacon and nav-lights  Thats all.

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Thank you, that helps.  I will do some experimenting to see if I get any results. 

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Sir- I have the settings where they are supposed to be on the aircraft config files and can see that immersion is in fact installed.   I installed preciptfx first and then immersion. 


I seem to have lighting effect working, but no contrails or smoke effect.   i have uninstalled both via the application and will try again.   I have special effects settings set to high in my p3d config.


Thanks again.

Are these correctly listed in my 777 aircraft configs?


smoke.0 = 79.000, 00.00, 8.000, fx_PMDG_777_vclight
smoke.1=    -004.22,    -031.14,    -003.35,    fsfx_T7_left_WetEngineWash_rev     //FSFX_777IM_Effect
smoke.2=    -004.22,     031.14,    -003.35,    fsfx_T7_right_WetEngineWash_rev     //FSFX_777IM_Effect
smoke.3=    -004.22,    -031.14,    -003.35,    fsfx_T7_left_WetEngineWash_rev_low     //FSFX_777IM_Effect
smoke.4=    -004.22,     031.14,    -003.35,    fsfx_T7_right_WetEngineWash_rev_low     //FSFX_777IM_Effect

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Yes, that's right.

Besides the lights the other effects like contrails or smoke are only shown under specific conditions. You will find the conditions only on

And please remember the teasers. Most of the effects will only seeable from outside not from inside the cockpit or vc-view. And that is really disappointing for me, that the landinglights volumetric effects are not shown up in clouds; only under "fogged conditions" quasi only on ground.
There is no lightbeam during descend through clouds.

While there's life, there's hope, the preview of the volumetric lighting in the announced 737 package shows a lightbeam on rotating timecode 0:32


Only in fog or also in clouds? Hard to say.

Being patient. Cross your fingers!

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