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AI Aircraft Performance and Ratio Question

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Hello fellow fliers:

    I have a few question about AI traffic. I have AI Traffic enable, I like the realism of not being the only one around. I don't have a great system, my FPS running high-end scenery and high-end aircrafts are playable at best. I noticed something strange with the AI though. Number one, I need to turn the AI slider to 95% to start seeing international flights and heavy aircrafts, but what comes with it is loads of smaller domestic aircrafts that just kills my frame. Is there a way see heavies at international airports and reduce the number of domestic aircrafts? Number two, I know this has been a long time issue is that the AI lands and stops within two meters and exits the runway. Normally this is fine, but at FlyTampa's Montreal, the AI gets stuck at the high-speed exit because there is only one taxiway that can take them to the terminal and departing aircrafts are constantly occupying. I know you can edit the performance of each aircraft, but I don't have time to search for realistic performances for each of them, is there a quick way of doing this? I really need an answer, I'm trying to make an educational video of a flight and I cannot do it with 15 frames a second and AI making carrier-style landings and departures despawning right in front of me because too many domestic flights getting in the way of each other. Thanks in advance.

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