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P3Dv3V3.1 strange things going on between day and nightfall

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i think i found out something rather strange in P3Dv3v3.1. Somehow a lot of things seem to change when taking off in daylight and returning after nightfall/dusk. As we already know taking off during daylight and landing at night stops PMDG planes illuminating the ground with taxi and main lights. I think this problem is even larger and also relates to eg mesh problems.


I just did a nice flight LOWS to LFLJ (Courchevel) using the payware Courchevel scenery to have a nice sloped runway. The flight started during day and i arrive just before night fall. Unfortunatelly the moment i touched down in LFLJ (quite nicely) my plane jumped all over the place not following the sloped runway at all. It seemed as if the sloped runway was not recognized anymore. I reloaded the flight and did some testing thinking it might be related to the nice realair duke. But starting in LFLJ i could take off and land without problem, even changing the time of flight via the drop down menu (from day to night) while in the air staying in the vicinity of the airport  didnt change anything.


I then remembered seeing something quite similar to this also with the new EDDM scenery by Taxi2Gate and the taxi way bridges. During my first testflight i also took off from UUDD and arrived in EDDM after dusk (even though there was still light as you can see). There seemed to be no underpass under the bridges (see picture 1). But if I reload the scenery during the day there is an underpass (picture 2). It is also there if I start at night.


So I conclude that something strange is going on within the sim between day and night. Can anybody confirm this or explain why it happens? Of course a "solution" would be to never fly in transition times, but this is more than stupid...






pictue 1



picture 2


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Interesting, I'll check it out ... but I'm pretty sure LLH's LFLJ is not compatible with P3D V3.x ... only listed for 2.x.  T2G EDDM is V3.x but I didn't notice any day/night issues.


Assume you've set appropriate seasons?


Couple of things you might want to check:


1.  If Orbx Vector, make airport exceptions

2.  If MT6, turn off any conflicting BG2*.BGL files

3.  Check your mesh setting - adjust and see if that makes any difference

4.  Finally, this is more involved, use ADE 1.67.xxxx beta 

5.  If you have ObjectFlow.dll - temporarily disable (DLL.XML)

6.  If you have SODE - temporarily disable (DLL.XML and/or EXE.XML)


But I'll check it out, in the middle of setting up a 12TB NAS right now as I've got some stuff I need to backup.


Cheers, Rob.

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Dear Rob, thank you for your response. I will do some more testing tonight, taking of from LFLJ and returning after nightfall.


For your remarks. I dont use vector. I know LFLJ is compatible to P3Dv2 and seem to work in V3 as well besides of course the problems mentioned above.

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