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A/P Descent Issue

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Hi guys, I have a little bit of an issue that occurs whenever I'm descending while on A/P using the VNAV of FL CH modes. Essentially, the desired attitude will be reached in "steps" the last couple of hundred feet. In other words, say I'm descending down to 220 for 380. During the last ~500ft (so around 225), the aircraft will over compensate and level off too soon. So basically, by the time I reach FL220, the plane would've already leveled off about 3 times before that, as it reduces the descent rate too abruptly and ends up cutting of the descent completely, only to have to "re-descend" to the desired altitude set on the MCP. Again, this occurs on the VNAV and FLCH mode (I never use the v/s mode so I'm not sure if it does it on this) only while descending. When climbing, it always meets the desired altitude with relative accuracy and on the money, without having to readjust multiple times. This occurs on every flight in all sorts of conditions. Any ideas? Thanks

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