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CTD/Bad bgl find in Misty Fjords:

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The following was found to be the cause of a crash to desktop in the Misty Fjords area that may happen to you. Thanks to the fast and kind support by Holgar and Francois (As usual), I was able to isolate a bad bgl file.Flight: Flying from KLWB to PASI, 63 DME from YYD and 133 DME to YZP on J510, I repeatedly had a CTD in the Eaglesoft Citation at 40,000 feet. The following will be copies of applicable parts of the communications which developed with Holgar and Francois for a solution:Post reply:Hello Holgar and Francois: I found the culprit on my system anyway: In the Program Files>Microsoft Games>Flight Simulator 9>FSAddon>Misty Fjords Landscape>Scenery folder, when I disable the "0_UT_RR913120.bgl" all problems cease. My assumption is that the "RR" is related to railroads. It would seem that it would be more than coincidence that to disable railroads in Ultimate Terrain solves a similar problem for many who have posted on the UT forum for as far as I know all of Canada and Alaska. If you think it is worth it, you might want to check with those folks to see if there is a common denominator anywhere. With your permission I will post this on the UT, Avsim and Flightsim forums in the event that anyone else runs into this problem. Thank you so much for your attention: RTH Post reply:One thought from one who only knows enough about programming to probably just get in trouble. Is the bgl I reference for removal a Misty Fjords installed bgl? Is it possible that this item is added by UT, not Misty Fjords? It would seem logical to me that if that is the case, to disable railroads in UT would still leave that item still active and enabled by Misty Fjords in the unique area it covers. Just a thought: RTH Post reply:It certainly is a file that is part of making Misty Fjords compatible with the later publishd UT. Holger will know the origin, I am not sure myself (not being a programmer (anymore) either ). Glad you found it, and by all means , tell people about the solution. Obviously one reason I could not reproduce the error (certainly not on a clean system) is the fact I don't have UT installed anymore Thanks for letting us know !! Kind regards, Francois _________________Francois A. 'Navman' Dumas Managing Editor The simFlight Network francois@simflight.com Post reply:Hi RTH, wow, thanks for finding the culprit - nice work!!! The file in question is a modified UT railroad file (modified by me with Allen's permission) that does nothing else but remove the UT railroads from the MF coverage area. All of the UT CanadaAlaska railroad files contain a tiny typo in the code that references the texture file for the fall season: "FaUnder.mp" instead of "FaUnder.bmp". FS can't find the file and crashes. I had read the discussion about those crashes in the UT forum but had forgotten about the modified railroad files of our MF-UT compatibility patch (which contain the same error). Thanks for turning on the light bulb for me Attached below is the corrected version. Using this instead of the original in "FS9FSAddonMisty FjordsMisty Fjords landscapescenery" should get rid of those crashes. Once you're satisfied that the problem is fixed feel free to post your finding far and wide (I'd appreciate it!) and perhaps link back to this thread. We will make the updated file "official" via an announcement once a few people had a chance to test it. Cheers, Holger Now I have to think about what other UT updates of mine contain railroad files - rats! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------0_UT_RR913120.zip Description: Download Filename: 0_UT_RR913120.zip Filesize: 1.5 KB Downloaded: 1 Time(s) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I assume that the corrected bgl download cannot simply be included with my copy of the above reply due to format or whatever, although I tried. It can be located in the Misty Fjords forum along with the total communication regarding this issue at:http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...82ebf8423baee49Hope this helps somebody else:RTH

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