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737 tuning problem VHF COM

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Hello to everybody,


I fly only  the 737 ngx on fsx and today, during ivao session I noticed something strange never seen before. During approach the control say to me

change frequency on 126.625  I opened the com1 panel normally, and I could write only 126.630 no decimal for me today, but I received and transmit regularly. When landed I disconnect from ivao and I made other attempts , no difference.


Then I decided to exit and reloaded the simulator and all decimal work properly. I don't understand what kind of things can cause this problems.


Thank you in advance for support,



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Hi Riccardo,


Are you sure it was not 126.620 you could tune?


I'm not familiar with IVAO, but I am with VATSIM. My understanding is that the third decimal place is (and has never been) reported by FS to the pilot client: therefore although you may see 126.625 in the window on occasion, the pilot client is still only seeing 126.620.


For this reason, controllers always used to (and I'm sure it is still the case) only ever set their frequencies to two decimal places -- so the controller's actual frequency is 126.620. If they logged in on 126.625, you wouldn't actually be able to tune them (because you can only tune .620 in the pilot client). If the NGX supports proper 25 kHz channel spacing, I guess this might cause issues.


The confusion arises because controllers tend to say the whole frequency including the trailing 5 when transmitted on voice (because that is the real-world phraseology).


Happy to be corrected by someone who knows more about this than I though!

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Really thanks for your explanation skelsey :wink: . I remember that the problem was can not write  the second number of decimal 126.625   !!

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