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Landing Critique

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Well I finished what is likely my 5th flight tonight since buying the Dash.  I have yet to memorize all the flows and find the different checklists to be perhaps missing things..??


I don't know but the "abbreviated" (5 pages long) checklist from the Majestic forums for use with other add-ons as recommended here leaves out things like arming the emergency lights.  Unless I missed it.  I went back over all the panels and everything looked good to go.  I'm pretty confident that I can go without a check list just by looking at the various panels, but I'll still keep one handy.  I might make my own to be honest.  The trouble I have so far is the amount of checking, switch and dial settings for various phases of flight, and other minor things.  Tonight's flight was fine but on take off I got a gear warning when retracting upon take off.  Why?  Gear pins were not installed and everything was fine using the takeoff check switch.  Odd fluke?  It eventually shut up after maybe 1000' AGL.  I also heard the 2500 call too though and that's not normal for take off.  It's like the plane was confusing take off with landing.  The second FMS was acting up too.  Was getting mismatched data no matter how often I turned it off and tried to X-Fill.  Kept showing some bizarre fuel number in yellow.



Nevertheless, my landing.  Aside from the minor little issues with learning, I think my 5th landing was very good.  I don't have recording software since I don't make videos for posting, but decided to film it with the phone on replay.   Yes, those types of videos look awful, I know.  And yes it's default scenery.  :P


Tower view, but enough to see I think


The struts are pretty happy here, notice the soft roll on....


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