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Made the jump. but seeing some weird things

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Hey All,


Well, I've finally made the switch to P3D V3, only because I upgraded my rig to be mobile. I sold my desktop and all the software and hardware I had gathered over the years and started from scratch.


With that said: I installed P3D V3, with Lancair Legacy and Flight1 GTN 750.


Here's some of the things I'm seeeing (the bad):

1. ATC is almost exactly the same as FSX when I bought it back in 2006, ground control still does not do a good job of controlling ground movement and I still get a plane that will run into me. Plus I have to use the fn(function) key with scroll lck(lock) to  open/close it.


2. Flight planning screen...takes forever when you click on a waypoint for the screen to re-position itself. Zooming in/out takes a long time...why?


3. Even though I saved my lancair as my default light, when I open P3D it always default to 9/15/2015 and the F22...why is that?


4. Creating a new flight plan and saving it...always overwrites the very first flight plan you save...So for example if I fly the first time from KRDU to KBWI and then save KBWI to KEYW the flight plan always says KRDU to KBWI. The name does not change to reflect the new flight plan like FSX did.


5. You cannot get to the setting page from the opening screen you have to first load a flight before you can get into the settings page...weird. Is this so that each saved flight can have it's own unique setup?


6. Avator person...cannot get at sight level with it, when it jumps or kneels down sight level does not change for me.


7. How can you tell which version of P3D you are running?



(The good:)

1. Smooth as butter


2. Great shadows and does a really good job of how it would look in the cockpit and some of the problems you might have seeing the displays...I love it, creates a really good spatial disorientation affect.


3. Great cloud shadows


Other than these things I'm glad I bought it. But I fly only, so far, the lancair with GTN 750 great products.



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