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  1. I know I have not flown in a awhile, but the S-Tec auto pilot is doing something really weird. P3D ver 4.5 Default Mooney Acclaim with G1000 CDI says GPS However, every time I engage the NAV button on the auto pilot it commands the plane to fly heading 360. I have never seen this before. Any suggestions why it does this? Even if I switch the CDI to NAV1 or NAV 2 nothing it stills fly heading 360. If I engage the heading mode it will fly with the heading bug so that does not seem to be a problem. Thanks for the help as always, Real
  2. Thank you...I see you have a desktop computer so you use DisplayPort I have a laptop so I use miniDisplayPort...but thanks for the info and good to know. -realkewl
  3. I am a little confused. I thought P3D VR only worked with Oculus or HTC Vive, so it also works with Windows mixed reality headset too? If so how does one setup it up? Is there software for Windows Mixed Reality? And I thought P3D you had to choose only between Oculus or Vive, does another option appear once you install the drivers for your Mixed Reality headset? Avidean: which miniDisplay port cable did you end up purchasing? Also, can Windows Mixed Reality headsets play Oculus rifts games? Thanks, realkewl
  4. Yes that is what I am talking about, but was wondering has anybody tried it with P3D V3 or V4 or with Steam. I know in P3D it asked you to select ever Oculus or HTC so was wondering how this would work. Also, from that video it does not really show if the game is in VR or just on a big screen. I didn't see him turning 360 degrees. Now that I think about this it is missing the tracking device of the Oculus rift, so how would it know if I'm turning around unless it has a ...cannot recall the word but it has the same response like what is in your cellphone. Thanks,
  5. I have not . I only have one computer that can run Ocukus rift. Yes, I thought that maybe one of the miniDisplayPorts was going bad, I bought a new miniDisplay to HDMI cable, bought a new Oculus Rift, Reformatted and reinstalled Windows 10, reinstalled Oculus software and the same thing happened, would not work. If one of my miniDisplayPorts ar going bad then that would require a new motherboard I am told, and if that is the case I might as well buy a brand new gaming laptop. However, I really I am not in the mood to spend another $2k just for Oculus rift to work.
  6. Has anybody tried this setup yet? My Oculus Rift just will not work anymore on my laptop, which is did for two years but know it will not work. The latest software update from Oculus seem to have broken it, and I've spent weeks with Oculus support trying to fix it. The simplest thing was to downgrade the software to prove it was the update, but Oculus does not support that. My laptop has HDMI and USB 3.0, but when using all the USB 3.0 I could not use HDMI, so I had to use miniDisplayPort to HDMI and it worked great for two years. Anyway, not sure if I want to purchase another wired VR headset. I have been hearing that Oculus Go along with Virtual Desktop will allow you to play Oculus rift games, just wondring if any body has tried it yet? Thanks, realkewl
  7. Well, I had to give up totally for the moment on Oculus. The rift will not work on my laptop anymore. After two years without issues, then Oculus did an update, Windows did an update, Nvidia did an update. Now my rift will not work at all. Oculus support is really bad. They only support via email and not even able to do zoom meetings. So I went through all this stuff taking pictures of this...taking pictures of that. Even bought a brand new Oculus rift, re-installed Windows 10, and same problem it will not display anymore, but Oculus does not want to confess, I even asked if I could down grade and they say no. So Facebook is going to totally kill VR in my opinion, because they feel the need to control everthing. Peace, -realkewl
  8. I have the rift and did a flight with a vanilla P3D v4.3. Using the mouse was ok, still cannot get any ATC window to show in VR. Also, was wondering if anybody is using the Oculus touches in P3D v4.3 and if so how is the experience? Also, do you need to connect both left and right or can I just connect the right controler? Left hand on the joystick and right hand using Oculus touch. Thanks in advance realkewl
  9. Thanks...I tired and turned on Dash 2.0, but I can only get to the health and safety screen. it will not go pass this screen (says click and button), and I am thinking that Dash can only be used with Oculus touch. Can you confirm this? Even in the video link the guy had Oculus touch. I do not have Oculus touch so it does not work for me as of yet. But if anybody else know how to interact with ATC while in VR please chime in. So far I like what I am seeing in P3D v4.3 and would like to not go back to FI. Like you said before I like the fact that I can turn VR on or off and flight planning is a lot easier for me. -realkewl
  10. Can you explain Dash a little more. I found it inside Oculus settings and you have to enable it as a beta software. I have not tried yet, I found some documentation on Oculus, but it seems as it is targeting developers not end users. So, I would truly appreciate how you go about getting the ATC window, GPS window and kneeboard to show in VR mode for P3D v4. I am planning on upgrading and not using Flyinside. I am getting tired of the pop windows popping up in different places all the time, and unable to interact with them in critical phases of flight. and when you are flying IFR on approach it becomes very frustrating. Does the sim pause, etc... Thanks so much, realkewl
  11. Is it a separate license...how does that work if one has both P3Dv3 and v4? Thanks!
  12. Is there anything I need to do special in order for Flyinside to work with OpusFSI? I just started with Flyinside this week, and I started OpusFSI just like I would using P3D i.e. started it first. But it seems Flyinside has it's own settings and configurations. So, I'm not sure what to do. Thanks, realkewl
  13. Ok, I have a lot to learn...thanks for all the info and help. -realkewl
  14. I just made my very first landing using Oculus Rift and Flyinside. Wow! First, the not so good: - I put my contacts in to see if it would help with getting the headset on. It did, but then I noticed I had to wear the headset far down my nose in order for things to be focused. - Flyinside you get 15 trial. So, first getting the headset center and getting you seat adjusted just right, took several 15 minutes trials. - I flew the lancair legacy, with flight1 GTN 750 at night from Latin VFR RDU. The mouse movement inside the plane takes some getting use to, because when you have the mouse active, your head movements move the mouse (took me a minute to figure that out) - The pop up for the GTN 750 is not really that good. It pops up and then it's really close, and curved. So, I just left it for now, maybe you can help me. But once you're close enough and you lend forward you can make out some of the items. Now, the good: - taxiing was great, i can look for traffic left and right...man that felt good. - taking off you can really feel the speed. - I was finally able to fly a traffic pattern, I was a little high, because i little hard to read the gauges, but felt really really good. You can tell when you are a beam the numbers. (again, this was at night) - The landing was great, felt just like a real landing, meaning if you look at the ground it get that funny feeling, speed sensation. However, since this was my first time really landing the lancair in 3D, I need to now adjust for the height perspective. I cannot recall the term, but it was the samething when I was transitions to the Cirrus SR20, I tended to land flat, because the plane seat higher then I was use to. Man, that felt good. Questions: - Do you have to adjust your seat before ever flight? I guess I should read the manuals now :-) Thanks, -realkewl
  15. Thanks and you are way ahead of me...I just got my Rift, but I'm waiting on another piece, because I'm trying to run it on my laptop with a 980M graphics card. But since the boards HDMI slot is a by-pass it keeps flashing the screen, so did some search and another person got it to work by using the mini DisplayPort to HDMI. I hope it works!! Thanks, realkewl
  16. Ok, well that makes a lot of sense. I would need the mouse using VR. So did you ever get your shutters fixed? I was wondering if it had something to do with the native VR support from P3D, since they say it turns on once it detects your VR headset. Anyway to keep it from turning on? -realkewl
  17. I was wondering about the native P3d support for VR. If you are not seeing it as much why stay with flyinside? Is there a difference? I am waiting for my rift now. Should have it this week. I was going to go with the native p3d VR. Thanks, realkewl
  18. Yeah maybe that's the problem, because i figured out what is going on...my navdata gtn750 took me to seqm (i think that's the airport), but there was nothing there. Then I repositioned my plane to the airport in P3D. The airport in p3d is on a mountain top but flight1 GTN took me to an airport in a valley that was not there. When I zoomed out in gtn750 my airplane was setting in a field and the airport was several miles away. But I was at the airport in P3D. Wish I had a picture to show, but anyway somebody is off. Thanks, realkewl
  19. Ok I must be going crazy. Took a flight today from Colombia to Ecuador, Quito. Flying RealAir Legacy, with flight1 GTN 750 First thing, I noticed was that the ILS 36 would not activate. It would not come alive. No problem, just handle fly following the GPS. Second thing, could not find the airport...I mean it is no where to be found. GPS says I'm right over it. Paused sim, F11 to look around. No airport at all. Did several passes same thing. ILS would not pick up and no airport in the sim at all. Try to land in some dirt...landed and walked away, but hit a small tree...yeah some repairs are needed. Ok, here's the really weird thing. After the crashed i re-positioned my plane to Quito...and what do you know its a big international airport...yeah. Weather was clear... Has anybody else seen this? I'm new to P3D, but not to FSX. Thanks, realkewl
  20. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. But I have open the spy and it says SIm: Air Folder = RealAir Legacy V2 which is the same as my camera views. I do not have a default view. One thing that spy keeps saying is that MET Aircraft Location unknown : is the sim paused. The sim is not paused. Thanks, realkewl
  21. So what was the solution? I'm seeing the same thing whenever I load a saved flight from P3D I get no Camera movement from OPUS. However, the first time I set it up it worked. Thanks, Ray
  22. Hey All, Well, I've finally made the switch to P3D V3, only because I upgraded my rig to be mobile. I sold my desktop and all the software and hardware I had gathered over the years and started from scratch. With that said: I installed P3D V3, with Lancair Legacy and Flight1 GTN 750. Here's some of the things I'm seeeing (the bad): 1. ATC is almost exactly the same as FSX when I bought it back in 2006, ground control still does not do a good job of controlling ground movement and I still get a plane that will run into me. Plus I have to use the fn(function) key with scroll lck(lock) to open/close it. 2. Flight planning screen...takes forever when you click on a waypoint for the screen to re-position itself. Zooming in/out takes a long time...why? 3. Even though I saved my lancair as my default light, when I open P3D it always default to 9/15/2015 and the F22...why is that? 4. Creating a new flight plan and saving it...always overwrites the very first flight plan you save...So for example if I fly the first time from KRDU to KBWI and then save KBWI to KEYW the flight plan always says KRDU to KBWI. The name does not change to reflect the new flight plan like FSX did. 5. You cannot get to the setting page from the opening screen you have to first load a flight before you can get into the settings page...weird. Is this so that each saved flight can have it's own unique setup? 6. Avator person...cannot get at sight level with it, when it jumps or kneels down sight level does not change for me. 7. How can you tell which version of P3D you are running? (The good:) 1. Smooth as butter 2. Great shadows and does a really good job of how it would look in the cockpit and some of the problems you might have seeing the displays...I love it, creates a really good spatial disorientation affect. 3. Great cloud shadows Other than these things I'm glad I bought it. But I fly only, so far, the lancair with GTN 750 great products. -Ray
  23. Stephen, I have gone back over the GS guide and I think I did just about everything, except reinstall. I have done the following: Granted OpusFSI access through the firewall created a shared of my whole C drive as the letter 'C', and gave 'everyone' full control of that share. Gave 'everyone' full control of Opus folder and Lockheed's folder Disabled Windows defender I still get the error message. If you're able to trouble shoot with me that would be great. Not sure what time zone you're in but I'm currently in Central US time zone. Thanks, realkewl
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