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Plane Design Spitfire IX for FSX

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Hi there guys,


Just my effort to bring this up to see if someone, somewhere knows of any fixes or secret projects around involving this model from FS9 being fixed or reproduced for FSX? I know about the A2A Spitfire which is a fantastic model, which I still own. However,

and im sure many will agree, there is just simply something about the Mk IX model which tickles my fancy. The looks, the tail, and in some cases the bubble canopy is simply more attractive than the others.

I own this Spitfire model (Plane Design) from the days of FS9. But very little has been said except on a few forums, which has not gone anywhere really. So im attempting the impossible here, asking if anyone can save this potential grand lady from being placed back into storage, and im sure many others will say the same.


I know this is an FS9 model. And Im also aware of the Realair Spitfire model. But Plane design was on a good role with this one.

And im sure with the right talent and mind can bring this model back to life. Its like restoring a Spitfire that came out of a long and dusty

hangar thats never been tampered with until now ;-)







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Even though you did mention it in passing I must say that the Real Air Spitfire remains as one of the better airplanes ever produced for FSX.


I don't just say that because I want to have an argument but to point out that it already exists and is a star for FSX. Buy it and fly it and you will not be disappointed.


Kind regards,

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Thanks alot SpiritFlyer for the suggestions. I would most likely have to look into buying the model from Realair.

I had a good look around but all I could find for the model was this on


FSX Spitfire MK XVI Plane Design Patch


Although it only patches two models, I haven't tried it myself yet as I was unable to get onto the internet this weekend and I had to sort out some cockpit sound effects for the Milviz/Nemeth AW-109 helicopter model. Also found another issue while doing that as well.


Thanks again for the advice, will look into that.

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