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NY Bridges Fix Discussion

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Guest wildfire563

The only change in the latest release of the file (nybridges11_176015.zip) is the readme; I corrected the email address and added the credits.I have tested the file now, using the FSG freeware mesh, with: - default water and roads - it's ok, bridges don't line up with the roads, and Bear Mountain bridge is especially noticeably different, and, at least on my system, the Newark bridges are not over any water (but I have so many things installed, my default water may be screwed up) but otherwise, seems ok.- FreeFlow NE with default roads and USA roads - works great with FFNE and USA roads, everything seems to line up well. Same problems as above with default roads, but at least all the water is there so the Newark bridges actually cross a river. No anomalies that I have seen, but it was only a quick test.- UT/USA - This is what I used when I designed it.I have heard from a couple of Megascenery users, and the only problem is that apparently Megascenery did move some items, so there end up being two of them. I can fix this in a couple of ways. I can put an exclude under each of the objects I moved to exclude the Megascenery objects. Or I can separate some of the objects into a separate file so people can turn them off. I'm kind of partial to the exclude method, makes installation for users easier.I also heard from one Aerosoft Manhattan user. He said that my file actually ruins the GW bridge, which apparently is fixed by AM. So it seems my file is not of much use to him. I'd like to here from other AM users as well.================================I have seen a request for some other fixes, like the statue of liberty and the other buildings which I did not do. I did not do these because there are already other files out there that cover at least some of the objects, and I felt, given the accuracy MS had of objects on the NY photoscenery area, that it wasn't worth the time to look at these items.The statue of liberty is available here at Avsim as statueofliberty.zip or at flightsim.com as liberty3.zip. They both seem to be the same file and are by Daniel B

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