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Scenery Bank

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I'm looking forward to the day when there will be an online scenery bank you can run your flight plan through and it will download high rez scenery for your route, including airports, towns, etc. That can be for a one time use fee, or purchase, or whatever. But basically I see it as something that prevents you from having to keep all that memory-hungry scenery on your own computer, or having to purchase a package of scenery that may never get completely utilized. That way you would only utilize scenery appropriate to your individual flights.In a more refined version it might not even be a download, but simply scenery streamed from a server and you fly your route on line. People could "rent" server time, etc., etc. The meter could start when you call ATC to file the flight plan, and end when you park and shut down. There are many approaches and applications of that idea.Oh well. Dream on.Dewey

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