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A VERY interesting experience

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So this just happened to me.


I was flying with a friend from CYWG to MMGL, as part of my World Tour event. We were flying together and he got a little close so the TCAS went off. So i decided to turn it off. After this, I find the plane slowly banking to the left. I look at my displays, and they are frozen, all of them. I take manual control and when I try to hand fly the plane, I find it very interesting to handle. The plane seemed to have a response rate of only taking a control input from the joystick every second. Its was like flying a plane at 1 FPS. It was very hard to fly.


So I started to follow my friend to complete the flight. We decide to go 2x speed to get their faster. When I did this, the rudder developed a back and forth motion that made it almost unflyable, but I pushed on and got control, mostly. As we approach descent, we drop out of 2x to 1x speed, only to find I have no control over the elevators. I go back to 2x and I have some control over the elevators. So I had to land at 2x speed. I made a very hard landing, being all over the place on approach. It was very interesting and one of the most difficult landings I have ever done! 


Here is the vataware link. You can see the point where everything goes wrong and how all over the place I was. Im still surprised I did it!

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