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PSS T7: My humble conclusions regarding porpoising (bobbing):

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I have reached the conclusion that the following has been my problem relative to the porpoise issue regarding the PSS Tripple Seven.Helps to RTFM (which I confess I still have not completely studied yet), and use the utilities that the supplier worked so hard to give us (Still hope a LoadEdit utility is in the works).The porpoising or as seems to be the preferred term that has evolved bobbing issue was a real problem to me from the start. I have come to the conclusion that I was the major problem.I have the 777-200ERF and 777-300ER models. Naturally I guessed wrong and the 777-200ER seems to be the most popular relative to posts. That having been said, the 300 is definitely more senstitve than the 200 ERF, however seems reversed doesn't it? I make no claim to knowing a thing about flightsim designing, seems reversed to me. In real life, the heavier and larger the aircraft, usually the more stable it is.I started off with pretty severe porpoising just diving in and have slowly evolved into the following conclusions.1. Use the setup utility for fuel management! It distributes the fuel quite differently than what my choices were with the FS9 fuel options.2. Calculate the "COG Location (%MAC)": in the "PAX LOAD SHEET.xls" and use it!By observing this I have been able to repeat my most frustrating early trial flights with excellent solution results.In doing this, I have even been able to go to the 16X multiplier with the 300LR. Before reaching waypoints with severe compass changes (well in advance) I advise going back to x1 as the aircraft will go into a severe right bank at the point it is reduced, but it recovers with dandy stability. (Before, X4 resulted in an uncontrolled crash no matter what for me).Note that the -200LRF is much less senstitive to this, and I assume that the -200LR (which I don't have) is equal to it.These birds are growing rapidly on me in spite of my early growing pains (concluded to be mainly of my own making). The patience, answers, and tongue biting by PSS has also greatly impressed me!I hope this is of some help to somebody.Respectfully:RTH1585368CFI

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