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X-plane and multiple screens (total newbie!)

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Hi There, 


As my topic title says, I am looking at utilizing my 3 monitor setup for X-plane. 3x 23inch 1080 monitors with Radeon RX480 and quite a nice setup really. 


As my username suggests, I am a jumper looking at going to the dark side... Piloting! :-) But I am a total newbie and I have found quite a few resources, but still have a few questions... 


From what I can see, X-plane does not support multiple monitors, but can I get my maps on another monitor? 


Or run another copy of X-plane in a VM that just displays maps or some other navigation assistance? 


And final question, is there anywhere on line I can get an introduction to flight navigation and using navigation in the aircraft? 


As it currently stands, I am just doing a lot of circuits.... however I want to travel a bit further then visual range of my local airport... 


Any advice would be great! ;-)




Andy D

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Hello and happy to see that you are prepared to dive in (pun intended) the world of piloting!

What I can recommend is the setup which I have.

I have 2 monitors atm + one laptop. When flying online (which is probably the only thing I do via IVAO/VATSIM) I usually have x-plane on one monitor; online fight related things (like vPilot and vRoute)on the other and on my laptop I use flightplan related stuff (charts etc).


Ok, what u want to do when you are flying is basically join vatsim AND ivao. SOme will say only fly on one of them, but they are wrong. Still, learn first how to fly on vatsim before flying on ivao since the quality of controllers is usually better :)

If I may recommend that you join our club We will teach you how to fly the aircraft properly; to use navigation equipment and ofc. to use proper vocabulary when talking to the ATC. I strongly recommend that you check it out :) Best P1+P2 exams on VATSIM; after obtaining those two P3 and P4 are a piece of cake ^^




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Somebody needs to do the same for the US since ATC vocabulary changes somewhat.  from what I understand there is no need to tell ATC what gate you are parked at or request permission for startup. (prolly wrong)  I wish somebody would do the same thing so people like me (NEWBIE or communications challenged) would practice before jumping into VATSIM or IVAO

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