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  1. Solved by updating the gtn and updating the trainer at the same time.
  2. Let me just say that I managed to log in just so I could comment support on this thread. Helicopter support is cruicial for me!
  3. Naaj,, had the problem with dropbox. I would like to get exe files if possible
  5. Unfortunetly, their website has gone down along with their awesome freeware sceneries ;( I was wondering if anyone has the installers they could pass on?
  6. Anyone knows why we have such ugly trees in V4? Even after instaling ORBX trees, its still the same! (borrowed pic from someone on facebook)
  7. Sketchup is easy. after 1-2 airports you will be a pro :D!
  8. ... for gods sake, its not like I am directly a newbe on AVSIM (well maybe in compareson to you guy it might seem so hehe). If you didnt trust the first link let me give you a second one, even better https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/24/cloudbleed_buffer_overflow_bug_spaffs_personal_data/
  9. Summery: A bug has possibly been exploited leading to millions of accounts being exposed. You are strongly recommended to change all of your passwords. https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/?utm_content=buffere476a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  10. Hellu all and thanks for showing intrest in this topic! I have experienced a problem with RJ100 in which the engines are not producing enough thrust during the climb and cruze itself. I follow everything in the checklists, due to my flight being up in the north I though it could have been icing . but no ice was detected and I had my engine + deicing set to ON. I have flown this aircraft a lot of times and this is the first time I encountered this issue. Tnx!
  11. Well as I see it you have two options. To tell them that this is your life and that you enjoy it (basically flip them off), or just spend less time flying the tin and more time going out and socialising. Doing anything else is only deceiving others as well as yourself.
  12. Not CPU limited, you are limited by a 32bit application . I have Similar setup but with I7 6700K and 32 DDR4 Ram, still around 25-30 FPS with heavy aircraft and scenery and sometimes even OOM comes in to play. Thats why I love x-plane - Everything completly maxed out.What you need to do is tweak your P3D to your system according to your specific needs.
  13. Making my first scenery for FSX, and I read up that XtoMDL is not included in the steam SDK. SO I took the advice of Scuffy Duck and downloaded P3D 1.4 version where it is included. The main issue is that MCX does recognize it in the highlighted area but not on the area the pointer is pointing at. Furthermore I fail to see how I can point it to the location... How do you update the path when there is no button for such? Kindest regards, Drago EDIT: found it! Screenshot:
  14. OBS definetly. You can set your own resolution to what you would like...
  15. All I can say about this beta is that it has fixed all the stuttering! I now see a 20-35 fps in everything set to high with i7 6700k 4.2ghz turbo, gtx 1070 + 32gb of 3200 ram
  16. Never had anyone like that thus far with around ca 100 h logged.
  17. If you want to go for better graphics while using Xplane sure but for p3d and fsx its not needed. STill a 1060 is a good call Make sure its oe with at least 6 gigs though... promise you, when you are runing xplane you need that 8 gigs of vram.
  18. I recommend i 7 6700k. When you obtain it, you wont even need to OC it, its so fast ether way + more durable.
  19. I've got all of UK2000 scenery airports, can say I am happily satisfied with Garys work and will continue to support him. Just make sure you run ORBX vector config. tool (in the FTX v 3) if you are having vector installed.
  20. Okdidoki, for all that vRoute is what you need. You will get to see scheduled times of both pilots and controllers alike by clicking on regions(countries) in the Online menu. Ether way, if you want to refresh your VFR RT or just want to fly low and slow with people around your age (with me being one - if only exception), please make sure to check us out. VFR club based in UK, flying on vatsim with own AFISO 4-5 times a week. https://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/ Flying the tins is awesome, but one musn't forget that VFR is as much, if not more fun ^^. And with us, ATC/AFISO support of highest standard is almost guaranteed.
  21. Hellu Mate and welcome to the world of Online flightsiming ! As you have noticed, we do things quite differently here and I would like to point you to some documents to read, mainly https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/resources For every one of your questions, there is an answer in the topics listed on the site. Now, when it comes to checking who is online, well you can use different software. I personally use PAID version of http://vroute.net/ because it gives you access to 1) Routes to fly on between destinations. I assume u already have some sort of IRL flight planner which you will utilise instead. 2) Some very nice and lovely 24/7 radio to keep you company. 3) Night layout 4) Full access maps and the designated controller area + their given frequencies. You do not have to pay for anything, you can get all of this for free by combining different software, but please consider as it goes directly to the devs and all those DJ's Once in the air, I usually use http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/ where you can plan your flights and see which airspaces you are going to fly through/flying through by connecting to 1) Flightsim -> your aircraft is shown in real time on a quality map 2) Vatsim -> Airspaces and control zones, both active and inactive. If you have any questions what so ever, hollar me. Best wishes and fly safely!
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