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FPL Altitude setup issue

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Can anyone help me understand what is the problem with the altitude setup on the 300 with the Navigraph expansion?

I'm trying to setup the altitude for the VNAV in the FPL screen but it always goes back to the first altitude set at the first point in the flight plan.

I do not have this problem in the Phenom 100. 


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both planes, but the error keeps happening in the 300 FPL.


Can anyone explain what am I doing wrong? 


Thank you In advance


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You are no doing anything wrong, it is a BUG! I had the same problem, you cannot change the altitude of the published departure procedures (SID or STAR), you can change the VNAV altitude for the rest of the waypoints but there is a series of bugs:


1) The default value will always be FL280 and this cannot be changed.


2) If for example you add a way-point A, change the VNAV from FL280 to FL320 and add another way-point to the flight plan way-point A revers to FL280. You need to add all way-points first, then change your VNAV values one way-point at a time without adding a new one.


3) Sometimes you are unable to change the VNAV value, this seems to be related to which "ENT" key you have used, most of the times it is recommended to use the "ENT" key on the FMS panel and not the one on the Garmin 1000 panel.


4) Some users report that if you use the direct to functionality it will reset all the VNAV values to FL280.


5) Some users report that when you load a SID o STAR after changing all the VNAV figures it will also reset all the VNAV values to FL280. 


I opened several tickets with Carenado due to this, they seems to be on denial and they never fixed it. At the end they offered in exchange another plane.


For these reasons I don't use the VNAV functionality, it doesn't work...




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Thank you very much for the detailed reply. 

I tried all the recommended steps before, given my experience with the 100. I guess i wasn't "drunk" after all... :wink:


Too bad, that would have saved some calculation.


Have a good one.




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