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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Below is the link to the technical FAQ about Little Navmap. This is also available in Little Navmap's help menu:

► Frequently asked Questions



What's the motivation to create another flight planner?
I was annoyed by the lack of functionality and performance of the other flight planners, be it freeware or payware.
Let me give you an example: I'm in the mood to do a GA night flight but have no idea where to go. So I start looking for lighted airports. I used my favorite flight planner to get a list of airports and then use ADE, dig out the BGLs deep in the directory structure of some add-ons and check if there is night lighting.
Time consuming.
I just want to fly!
Based on that the idea for the Little Navmap was born.

Why are your programs free?
They are not only free, they are even open source. That means other people can use parts or the whole of my application in their own projects or learn something by reading the code. This is true especially for the atools (https://github.com/albar965/atools) repository, which contains all the code to read BGL, PLN or the FSX logbook files.

To put it short: I'm not only giving the car away for free, I also pass the construction plans along with it hoping they are useful for somebody.

I was always an advocate of open source believing in cooperation instead of competition. Typing
this on my Linux notebook using open source programs I can say that all what is used to create my programs
is also free. The same applies to program libraries used by my software like the Marble widget (https://marble.kde.org/)
and the map services that render the beautiful maps.

The main reason is, that I want to give a bit back to all, by doing what I can do best
and also love to do: Programming software around navigation.

Where can I donate?
As much as I appreciate the offers I do not want any donations since I did not put anything into these programs except my time.
But, if you can read German and are interested in Science Fiction you can check out my wife's book Alkatar on
my page (https://albar965.github.io). She is happy for every satisfied reader.

Why the goofy name "Little"? the program is already big.
No it's not big. The Linux kernel has 8 million lines of code, my projects only around 50000. Similar programs which are also freeware have much more functionality and, although goofy, the name is at least unique. :smile:

Why is that program so fast?
Is it? Maybe because I use C++. Also, a lot of data is prepared during the (admittedly too long) loading phase to speed up search and map display.

Why is there no installer?
The complete installer system is ridiculously broken on Windows and has the tendency of cluttering up the registry and the file system with left overs. And sometimes deinstalling a program can go terribly wrong.
So, you can copy my software to any place (like people do on macOS). All program settings and files will be written to directories that are well documented in the manual if you want to get rid of them. No registry entries will be created.
The only known requirement is the Visual Studio Redistributable 2013. Most of you will have this already installed.

If not, download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784.

How do you find the time to create all that?
I retired early. So I've got plenty of time at my hands, except in summer when the garden is calling.
Anyway, I'll happily take any support and contributions that are offered to me.

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