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Ground Scenary Moves when applying Blend Mask, how is it possible?

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Hi Guys,


I was reading the forum for a while, however I know need some help as I cannot figure it out myself despite the research I did. I am enhancing a famstrip I have found online and as part of this enhancement I need to redo the ground photo realistic texture, did that no problems from SbuilderX, if I apply the .bgl as it is it fits perfectly where it should.


After some trial I have managed to do a blendmask however, despite the blandmask show correctly, the whole texture is totally out of location, checking in TmfViewer I have noticed that the corner do not appear as hidden part (so that could be why the texture isn't where it should be as latitude and longitude are set from the four corners) please see below:




What am I doing wrong? I have tried with TIFF and BMP but the problem is the same, this is my inf:


Type = MultiSource
NumberOfSources = 2

Type = BMP
Layer = Imagery
SourceDir = "."
SourceFile = "Benington.BMP"
Variation = Day
Channel_BlendMask = 2.0
   ulyMap =  51.8892063698152
   ulxMap = -.131149291992177
   xDim =  2.68220901489122E-06
   yDim =  1.65564313218623E-06

Type = TIFF
Layer = None
SourceDir = "."
SourceFile = "BeningtonB.tif"
   ulyMap =  51.8892063698152
   ulxMap = -.131149291992177
   xDim =  2.68220901489122E-06
   yDim =  1.65564313218623E-06

DestDir = "."
DestBaseFileName = "MultiChannel_MultiSource"
DestFileType = BGL
LOD = Auto
CompressionQuality = 100

This is the mask:




This is the original I ma starting from:




I mean the blend works....however the area that is "hidden" isn't complete when I tick "show missing data mask"...


Any suggestion is welcome :)



PS. Please be advised that I had to change the format of the mask to be able to upload it however it should help understanding.

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Resolved, it was just a mistake with the coordinate :)


By the way it is better to use .tiff in grayscale for the blendmask!

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