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  1. You can do a direct to with the 350i - and it does use Navigraph as by default (i.e. without the pack) - I have just got it and never tried a hold however I find them very easy to fly manually so not a big deal.
  2. Sorry guys to hijack the thread but relevant with BGl and it seems that you all know about it....I have asked on their forum and apparently the update would still work even after the subscribtion ends, i.e. I can get one month have it update to this month's navigraph and then if I do not want to subscribe let's say for 10 months I can still benefits of the up to date data, however I was wondering if you saw any backup function within the software at all in case one needs to make a fresh install.
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy AS 2016 due of the great deal online on fspilot, however I am a bit puzzled with regards to rex soft cloud and AS 2016 combination! What exactly is the dynamic texture which is claimed to be a key factor if using AS 2016 + ASCA? I.E. If I fly from London to Milan and there is change in weather AS 2016 would still inject it no? I saw the video and honestly I do not get the differences. The second one seems to be the in cloud motion which was pretty self explanatory. I hope you can clarify. ps. Shame that the company has a double dip policy on pricing between two simulators which are in fact the same thing, most addons works on both sim without paying twice for the same thing.
  4. Hi Guys, I hope you can shade some lights on the below as I cannot find the answers: If the FSX Database is updated with the following https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html would VoxATC work properly for example in VFR with reporting points or IFR? I know that for SID anb STARS it bases itself on Navigraph.am I correct saying that if I use an aircraft that support and has up to date navigraph along with navigraph up to date in VoxATC I can use real world plates and routes without having to bother with FSX original database? (even though I wonder how you can do a proper ILS approach if the ILS data is stored inside FSX database and not navigraph).There is avaialble an update airpsace for the UK, would that taken into account in VocATC? Not sure how it handles airspaces.I have googled quite a lot and tried to contact the developer, which unfortunately never replied which is rather annoying seen the asking price, so I hope someone can shade some light on the above points as it would be better to have the most up to date database overall to use with VoxATC. I have only tried the 7 days demo however I was not planning to update the fsx database so I could no try. Thank you guys!
  5. I tend to fly VFR and I can't stand FSX ATC especially flying normally I like my basic services etc... so VoxATC is great, I know it breaks the flight planner however even for VFR I use "PlanG" which is great. It would be beneficial to know if, for when I like to fly IFR, GPS Approaches etc... work properly
  6. What? All add-ons work on the Steam Edition as it is the same FSX just recompiled with the same tool used to recompile P3D, what is essential is that your register is correct, you can find a FSX REGISTRY FIX tool if you google it. Also you relaly need the DX10 FIXER which will make the sim go nearly in par with P3D (once again P3D is FSX Engine... licensed to Lockheed Martin). The problem with mesh is common, I do scenery and if they are a bit complex with poly that elevation error may appear, you will see that in some complex ORBX Airfields too.
  7. Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of you have tried the following: https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html to update the standard FSX navigational aids (VORs, NDBs) in selectable world areas. It would be a good addition (especially considering that I am real world private pilot so it would be good practice) however I also use VOXATC (for the same reason) and I am not sure how the two would work together. I am aware that on some models you can get Navigraph data however on some smaller GA airplane the only way is to use the built in database (an external FMC on a Cessna would be quite a joke). If you have used it and want to share your feedback
  8. Get FSX Steam Edition, the boxed version is a pile of Cr***p As JYW said try to check the mesh and read the manual for your scenery, some ORBX airports do the same if your mesh isn't set properly for that scenery.
  9. Resolved, it was just a mistake with the coordinate By the way it is better to use .tiff in grayscale for the blendmask!
  10. Hi Guys, I was reading the forum for a while, however I know need some help as I cannot figure it out myself despite the research I did. I am enhancing a famstrip I have found online and as part of this enhancement I need to redo the ground photo realistic texture, did that no problems from SbuilderX, if I apply the .bgl as it is it fits perfectly where it should. After some trial I have managed to do a blendmask however, despite the blandmask show correctly, the whole texture is totally out of location, checking in TmfViewer I have noticed that the corner do not appear as hidden part (so that could be why the texture isn't where it should be as latitude and longitude are set from the four corners) please see below: What am I doing wrong? I have tried with TIFF and BMP but the problem is the same, this is my inf: [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 2 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "Benington.BMP" Variation = Day Channel_BlendMask = 2.0 ulyMap = 51.8892063698152 ulxMap = -.131149291992177 xDim = 2.68220901489122E-06 yDim = 1.65564313218623E-06 [Source2] Type = TIFF Layer = None SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "BeningtonB.tif" SamplingMethod=Gaussian ulyMap = 51.8892063698152 ulxMap = -.131149291992177 xDim = 2.68220901489122E-06 yDim = 1.65564313218623E-06 [Destination] DestDir = "." DestBaseFileName = "MultiChannel_MultiSource" DestFileType = BGL LOD = Auto CompressionQuality = 100 This is the mask: This is the original I ma starting from: I mean the blend works....however the area that is "hidden" isn't complete when I tick "show missing data mask"... Any suggestion is welcome PS. Please be advised that I had to change the format of the mask to be able to upload it however it should help understanding.
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