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FS2004 wrong helicopter water spray texture

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Dear fellow simmers,



I noticed something wrong from the beginning, when the first helicopter occured at the FS98.

It still is wrong at the FS9 und FSX, thus I do place this toppic under two titles in this FS2004- and the AVSIM-FSX-Forum to hope that there will be some-one out there with a smart answer.


The wrong detail discovered ist this:


By hovering a helicopter above water the main-rotor's arodynamical downforce creates wakes and spray on/at the water's surface.


In reality it is like this: - if you would slowly decent your hoovering hight from, let's presume 1.000 ft above the water's surface down to let's say 1 ft above the water's surface:

- first it occures an O-shaped Ring at the water's surface. By coming closer with the helicopter down to the water's surface, the O-type ring of wake and spray caused by the air flow would become a small waiste, cutting the O into an 8 with the "border" between the two Os creating the 8th waiste just in the direktion of the helicopters fuselage.


That is being this way, since the fuselage is cutting the downflow in two parts. By the mass-movement and some aerodynamical effects, the airflow forced by the main rotor will re-unite somwhere below the fuselage but not directly under it.


The more heavy an helicopter gets, and the more power it's engine have, and the slower and the lower it flys, the better the 8 is visible at the water's surface, or at grass, or whatever weak surface you would like to hoover.


If you look at a double-main-rotor-helicopter, like the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, then it would be an 8, with one O under the first main rotor and the other O under the secound main rotor, just meeting another under the fuselage to create an 8.


If you would lower your hoovering hight, then both of that Os are creating an 8, what would give an Image of an dopple 8, meeting each other to create a castle-blue-print-ground-wall-image.


Yet in FS98, as well as in FS9, as well as in FSX it always is a single O any helicopter's airflow creates at any water's surcafe, totaly equal how heavy or powerfull or big any helicopter gets, and equal how slow and how low it flys.



Is there any way to correct it, or are even correct effects around waiting for a download here, or there?






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Dear A32xx,


that isn't working out.

I now downloaded and "play" with its possible modifications.

It looks like, as if it an issue that is possible to solve and even, by creating different named effect images and reorganising some Details in some programmed details im FS-double-rotor-helicopters, like the CH-47, oder the Fa 223, it looks like as if it would be possible to individualize it to make it an eight at single-rotor-choppers and a double-eight at double-rotor-choppers.


I'm a family man in a fulltime job and never did any effects, so it will take some time to closer get into it and figure it out in detail, yet the rough idea should work.

May be someone more spezialised on effects is reading this and may solve it faster.

If this wont happen on the long run, I will have it solved at myself.




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