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Getting Blurries With Monitor Set to 30hz at Unlimited/Stutters with Limited

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I just upgraded my monitor to a 4k tv and reinstalled everything on a SSD from my HDD.  Everything is running pretty well but I'm having an issue with blurries.  I'm only able to get it completely smooth if I set vsync and triple buffering on and set my refresh rate to 30hz.  When I set to unlimited FPS, it can hold 30 FPS and everything is great but the ground textures are blurry.  If I limit it to 30 FPS internally, I take a performance hit and can't hold 30 so I get stutters.  But, the blurries are much less noticeable.  I tried doing 25hz and it worked well limiting the FPS internally but it gave me some pretty bad input lag.  I've backed off on most sliders, disabled cars, only 20% AI, etc so my settings aren't nearly maxed out.  I run an OCed i5 6600k with a 1060 GPU on a 750GB SSD so my computer is fairly decent.  Why am I getting blurries with unlimited compared to limited even though when it's unlimited it's solid at 30 FPS and rarely moves?  What should I be doing to fix this issue?  My p3d.cfg was left alone with the exception of the TML=30 and TBM=160.

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