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PMDG 747-400 QOTSII Issue Tracking Thread - Read Before Posting!

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Last Updated 2/28/2017

When problems appear in the advanced systems of modern airliners, it isn't uncommon for the manufacturer to put out advisories to help crews avoid experiencing problems while a fix is being engineered. Now that the initial dust has settled, we are going to take the same approach here, as we have with past releases.

Expect faster updates than with past products - we have incremental update functionality built into the Operations Center now and will be able to send out smaller updates more regularly rather than bundling everything into large Service Packs with new installers. The first one of these will happen soon, we're still testing this functionality internally and will get it out to you all as soon as we can.

Found / Fixed / Adjusted:

- Operations Center crashing on load due to a mistakenly-included J41 FSX:SE product module.

  • Fixed in OC version 1.17.13 release on the night of 02FEB17. Update the OC manually via the Start Menu or by running OpsCenterUpdater.exe from the program folder and it will fix the issue.

- CTD related to changing sound options or using certain combinations of headphones and speakers.

  • This also could cause CTDs beyond the current simulator session. If you're experiencing this, open your <sim root folder>\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\747QOTSII_Options.ini file and delete the "SoundDevice=" line from the file. This will cause it to redetect on the next load and should stop the CTD as long as you don't switch devices again.

- First officer's yoke memory device misaligned.

- Auto step climb doesn't work for LEGS page entered step points when FMC STEP SIZE = 0

  • As a workaround until the update is out, if you need to use LEGS page manual step entries (ie /370S), make sure STEP SIZE on the PERF INIT page is set to a non-zero value. Many people don't understand that these are two separate step climb functions in the FMC - the step size parameter tells the FMC to automatically calculate the most efficient step points along the route, regardless of where they are in relation to waypoints. If you need a step to happen right at a specific waypoint, that's what the LEGS page version is for.

- Various LNAV magenta line drawing issues (ie EHAM SIDs)

- 2D MCP lighting missing

- Brief sim stuttering at 30-40 feet on takeoff or when turning off strobe/nav/beacon lights.

  • This was related to the way the connection between the airplane and the AI object that carries its external lighting effects was being closed down. We've reworked it and the stutter should no longer happen.

- Wingflex issues

  • Original comment: We're well aware of the complaints on this, no need to keep reposting it. Checking with our tech advisers and making sure we get accurate data if anything is to change. There's one screenshot in particular that's being passed around at other forums/sites that is portrayed as how the flex looks during "normal" flight. This is false - the elevators are fully deflected, max G-ing the aircraft and pushing the wing flex animation to its upward limit.

    Flex model has been adjusted, testers and tech team seem happy with the results.

- Integrated panel lights bitmaps misaligned when using low resolution VC

- GPWS callouts only playing on the first approach conducted

- Problems with changing the passenger counts on the 400M variant (upper deck displays wrong)

Issues acknowledged, under investigation or fix underway:

- CTDs as the aircraft loads into the simulator.

  • May have been cured by the sound fix above.

- Issues where the aircraft loads into the simulator with the screens dead and no landing gear. (failure of dll initialization)

- Claims of VAS leaks

  • Note that in order to investigate these properly we need clear evidence of an issue with specifics. This means testing in a controlled manner that eliminates confounding variables such as scenery or other addons. We are not yet convinced there are VAS issues with this product - we spent a heavy amount of time in beta testing on VAS optimization and leak hunting and had testers whose specific role was to find and track VAS leaks. We released confident that we were not seeing any.

- Operations Center crashing while downloading list of liveries on the Livery Downloader page.

  • Several users have reported they fixed this by disabling or removing their antivirus software, which was interfering with the download process. The OC does not download viruses, you can safely exclude it from your AV's real-time scanner.

- AI object that contains the aircraft's environmental lighting effects lagging or getting stuck behind the actual airplane model.

  • This may have been fixed by the stutter fix above as well, though we aren't positive what's causing it for a handful of users.

- VOR RMI pointer / position radial vs. ND magenta line track discrepancies

  • This is a much more complicated fix than appearances might indicate, it will not make the first update.

Not real issues - please don't repost these:

- The forward fuselage appears transparent in the aircraft select screen

  • This is already explained near the start of the the Intro manual. The method we used to light the forward fuselage and create windows relies on the aircraft's code actually loading. When DisablePreload=1 is set in the [Main] section of the fsx.cfg file, this code doesn't load until the simulator actually starts a flight. In FSX:SE, DisablePreload=1 is the default even when the line isn't present in the cfg. This does not hurt anything, the aircraft will look normal once in the flight. If you really want it to look right on the aircraft select screen, you can set DisablePreload=0. Be aware though that this can increase VAS usage as the sim will actually load your default flight in the background as the simulator starts up.
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