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Hello guys,


I hope you can give me a hand with this. Tonight I was trying to do a flight from my hometown (SKCL) to Bogota (SKBO), but when I entered the origin airport's ICAO code on the RTE page I received the "SKCL ERR: 02 RWY N/A" on the FMC's scratchpad. I had never seen this before, so I can't figure out why I could be receiving it. I checked the airport's procedures on the AIRAC folder (1702) and they are programmed for runway 2 indeed.


As a sidenote, my hometown airport's runway numbers were changed one month ago from 01/19 to 02/20. As I have an old scenery that still has them as 01/19, I suppose this could be the cause, but I'm not sure if the FMC relies entirely on Navigraph's AIRAC information or also takes into account the airport's AFCAD / runway configuration files (if any).


On the RTE page, if I enter runway 01 the plane does recognize it and displays it on the ND, but when I go to the DEP/ARR page it shows empty, as the procedures are programmed for runways 02/20. I read something in the introduction about Pete Dowson's MakeRwys but am not entirely sure how it works, nor do I know how to manually change runway numbers so they can be visible in the simulator.


Can anyone please give me advice? It would be much appreciated!

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UPDATE: In case anyone experiences this, I was able to solve the problem (my mistake to not have researched beforehand!).


I just deleted the file "ARPT_RWY.dat" locaed in FSX/PMDG/NAVDATA. Once either aircraft is loaded it will automatically create this file again. Then I ran Pete Dowson's MakeRwys, and now the FMC properly displays procedures for runways 02/20.

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