Possible Microphone/Audio Popping Chaseplane Bug

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Hi. I found a bug in CS that was quite annoying and took me 2 whole days to find and it caused me to not be able to record video for Flight Sim. 

I use Nvidia Shadow Play to record video and audio in playback in P3D. Shortly in all playback videos i noticed popping that occurred in my microphone every few seconds and sometimes it would occur and when i restarted it wouldn't occur so i thought there was a driver issue and/or a problem with my brand new microphone. The microphone i used was a ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone . So i proceeded to buy another microphone (Blue Nessie) and when i tried to record in P3D the popping still occurred. Also  i tried recording in the program Audacity to test if it was shadow play. I tried closing shadow play and trying to record other programs but the popping stayed. So after reinstalling almost every driver for my audio. The issue still occurred. So online i did some finding and someone said it was caused my Google Chrome so i closed google chrome and the problem prevailed. So i shortly began closing every program and recording a play back until i figured out Chase Plane was causing the issue. I've tried multiple times to get this problem fixed tried different settings CS . Is frustrating because the product works for other streamers and youtubers but i am getting this issue. 

System Specs 

Chase Plane Version 0.1.660 Alpha 

Windows 10 Anniversary 64 bit

Intel i5 6600k OC 4.7 GHz

16 GB 3000 MHz RAM


250 GB Patriot Spark SSD

480 GB Kingston SSD

MSI 1080 GTX Gaming X 

1 4k Samsung Monitor

2 Asus 1080p Monitors



Test - Audacity , No programs running in background , Blue Nessie (Brand New Bought today for testing)

CS running -

CS Not Running -

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Any Devs responsing viewing this? i sent a email to the correct place but i still haven't gotten any responses? not to be rude , but i bought into a alpha that i expected to have been support. 

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