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having used the new 747 for a few days, I love it. I HAVE read the manual based on the functions I have had trouble with, but, I have questions I would appreciate clarification on the following: (please forgive any duplication's I may post on accident)

1) I want to simulate a brake failure/ tire burst upon landing. I know I can set it up via a timer or "ARM" it.... perhaps I just am clueless to its interpretation, but am I to understand that "Arming it" would activate the tire burst at touch down? How could one program that? Or, program an engine failure to occur at V1 etc...

2) I am one who likes to do the start process from Cold and Dark. I follow the full checklists and flows, but continue to see that I have to reset my electrical generators (#4) and the IDG's post engine start up. Has anyone have similar issues, I did not see it listed as a "previously" known issue. I have re-installed the software with Anti-virus off as described in pinned posts above.

3) I will couple my NAV-AIDS to the respective DP/STAR and the VOR course line will always be left or right of centerline. in other words, if I follow the 'magenta line' I will be off course to the VOR station. I currently have LHR-LAX flying at home while I am running errands. I'll update pics when I get home.

THANK YOU for your help!!!

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If you look at the engine failure options, it does give you the option to do a V1 cut for whatever engine you wish. I did, unfortunately, have the issue where I wanted to simulate an engine fire at V1 and I don't see that option available.

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