Camera views change between flights

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Hello everyone. I love chase plane, but in between flights, and closing the sim and stuff, the camera view slightly change. Like I have a view perfectly centered on the FMC when I make the preset, and then the next flight it will be forward and to the left of where I originally set it. This has happened even during the same flight. Im doing YSSY - EGLL right now, and a before takeoff it was centered fine on the FMC, and then after its been on cruise for a while, about 8 hours now, its offset. Is there some sort of FSX movement I need to disable, or something in chase plane that can be fixed?

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Hi Nick I encountered a very similar problem tonight. I have loaded a number of GA aircraft and the VRS FA18 and they all worked fine with the chaseplane presets. Late today I decided to reinstall the IRIS A10 to try something different with TacPak and now I have camera presets that seem to jump 90 degrees from where I set them. For example the Pilot view forward when I load the aircraft sets at roughly 90 to starboard. Weird. At the moment none of the other aircraft type's cameras are misbehaving. Have been rapt with Chaseplane so far and if any one has any ideas on the cause there are two of us headscratching now.

PS on further reading I see several other have the same problem with cameras shifting so I am guessing there is a change in the software that has caused this?

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