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Dear PMDG,

I just wanted to reach out and congratulate you for the 744.

The amount of work which has gone into creating this module, in addition to the NGX & T7 of course, is quite astonishing and explicitly reflected in the outcome. I have a background of 20 years in commercial flying in addition to even longer in I.T. related fields and am painfully aware of the complexities and idiosyncrasies of both. The task of combining them and accomplishing what you have is an achievement which will guarantee you a place in the simulation hall of fame, if not already.

Perhaps more significantly, you have achieved this within the constraints of an outdated and under-performing platform, leaving me a palpable sense of anticipation when I think about your achievements to come - particularly if you adopt Xplane or other future modern applications.

Within such a niche market and in the face of a broad spectrum of expectations ranging across professional Pilots, Amateur Simmers, Gamers and so on, the ability to develop modules with such fidelity and accessibility for all is quite remarkable.

I have been an obsessive "simmer" from the earliest days, way before my real flying career began, and throughout I have probably enjoyed my home simulating on an equal par with the real thing. Sometimes more. For me, a truly satisfying sim experience relies on total immersion; something which consists of many things and in varying amounts for different people. The advent of VR has raised the game more significantly than any other development in recent years and despite its immaturity and current shortcomings, when combined with your exquisite cockpit modelling, systems fidelity and sound sets, I feel provide immersion greater than anything I could ever have envisaged in the past. In some respects it really is a bit like owning your own aircraft and being able to whatever you want with it. This is undoubtedly a golden age for sim enthusiasts and I implore you to carry on doing what you're doing. :-)

With thanks, Luke

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