LEd Offsets with Light Test or Battery Off

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Hi Guys.

First i´m new. Hope this is not already awnserd.  not found anything.   If yes sorry and please Link me to the topic.



I Use PMDG737 (and 777) and try to build my own Homecockpit.

I see all ( most) anaunciators got a Output Offset for FSUIPC and i so can Readout the Data.  Problem is....  I Use for setup a Programm that NOT have lots of functions and calculation methodes.... So i need difficult configurations or additional LUA scripts if the Offset Value is not 1:1 like i want to show on a display ( or a LED)

In normal progress the PMDG Output Offsets for LED are Boolean and working fine.....  If Function is ON in Virtual Aircraft Offset is 1  if it´s OFF the Offset change to 0 Zero.


Now we come to "Light Test" and/or Battery Off Situation.

For Example The Flight Director CPT is OFF.....   Then the Offset is correct Zero..... And my LED is not illuminated.....        IF i now push the LIGHT TEST SWITCH then in Virtual Cockpit all Lights go ON.... BUT the Offset already is Zero cause it looks like it only show the Status of FlightDirector and NOT the Status of the Virtual LED.

Opposit:  If Flight Director is ON..... And i Disable the Master Battery switch, then the Light in Virtual Cockpit go OFF ( No power now)  BUT   My Offset show already 1 cause the FD is already on on the Backround.


My Question-Request :

Would it be posible if you change this in a future patch for 737 or maby in a future Product ?

I Think all cockpitbuilders need the Real Status of a LED and not the Status of the function.......  I current Situation i need on every output a precondition and have to check how the status of Lighttest or Battery is.   If the Output Offset would show the current Ingame Status of the LED this all would be not needed.

PS.  Same for the Displays....   

At the moment i need to take the "BLANK" Offsets to define if a Display is Lighted or not.....   Why not simple change the Value of the Display into "88888888"  So A Simple Compare would be enoug to say.... "If Display is 888888 Then Blank" .... Other Addon Manifacture work with same logic on Displays i think !


Thanks for reading.  Maby a reply would be nice !




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