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The aircraft pre-view window

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We see the selected rotating aircraft in the pre-view window every time we select an aircraft for a flight. My question is,...is this aircraft, rotating about it's axis, similar to the rotating Direct X cube that I see when I test Direct 3D in the display tab when I run dxdiag? I ask because this morning I added a new texture to the Carenado Cessna 206. In addition to the new texture, I had to add 2 new [fltsim.X] statements to the cfg. from the ReadMe. Before I loaded the airplane, the pre-view showed the new texture but as the aircraft rotated about it's axis there were stutters. I then noticed that only one version, Pantwheels/2 pilots, was displayed in the menu as an option even though I added 2 [fltsim.X] statements.When I deleted the [fltsim.X] statement in the cfg that didn't display in the menu, the pre-view aircraft rotated smoothly.So my question is, is the rotating aircraft and how smoothly it rotates in the preview window, indicative of how well the computer is processing it as a 3D object in flight sim?thanks

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